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Welcome to Clearway Community Solar

NRG Community Solar is now Clearway Community Solar

Same Mission, New Name

We have big news! Over the past several years, NRG’s Renewables division – and the Community Solar business that sits within it – has grown to own more renewable projects than almost anyone in the country. This accomplishment is meaningful in many ways, but is particularly important because we are now a stand-alone company. As such, we are pleased to introduce you to
Clearway Community Solar.

Our Vision

Together with our customers, Clearway Community Solar is dedicated to a clean energy future. That’s why we have designed a local, solar energy program that has made supporting clean power convenient and accessible for you; together we are making the renewable reachable. Our mission, service, and support remain the same – we simply have a new name and new ownership.

Our New Name: What does Clearway mean?

Our new name represents who we are and what we stand for.

  • We are the clear choice for our customers.
  • Clear is clean, because our mission is to make clean energy.
  • Clear is transparent, because we do what we say.

While our name has changed, our promise hasn’t. Now and in the future, our mission will remain exactly the same – focused on supporting a clean energy future through a practical and hassle-free solar energy program.

New Ownership: Clearway Energy Group

Clearway Community Solar is now owned by Clearway Energy Group (or Clearway), previously the Renewables division of NRG Energy. Clearway is now one of the largest clean energy companies in the United States. Clearway’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transformation to a clean energy future. The company as a whole is focused on providing customers with the low-cost, clean power they want and the customer experience they deserve.

What Does This Mean For Me?

What is changing?

Along with our new name, there will be several changes that you will see.

A new name means a new brand and logo. All communications and your monthly bill will now come from Clearway Community Solar.

A new Clearway Customer Number. You will now have a new contract number that you can use to reference your agreement and account. Soon you will receive a packet in the mail with your new Clearway Contract number and literature with more details on what will change and what will remain the same. You will also be able find it by logging in to your customer portal. If you did not receive your new account number please call 1-855-712-7508 or email

New website and Customer Portal. Starting in February, you can access our website at You can access the new portal from our website, or visit it directly at

Contact Information. While our number is still 1-855-712-7508 our email has changed. Our email is now

What isn’t changing?

Your customer agreement. You rate and terms will remain the same. The value of our business is rooted in long-term customer relationships, like ours with you.

Your net metering and solar credits. There will be no change to how you currently receive solar credits or Net Metering Credits for the solar energy generated by your monthly subscription.

Your AutoPay preferences. If you are enrolled in AutoPay, you will remain enrolled and do not need to make any account updates. To enroll in AutoPay for hassle-free, paper-free payments, visit the customer portal payments center.

The timeline of your solar farm. The current activation timeline for your solar farm is not impacted in any way by this announcement. Clearway Energy Group shares your vision for a clean energy future and we are operating with a continued forward-motion for all of our solar farms.

Still have questions?

Contact us by phone at 1-855-712-7508, or by email at

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