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Estimate only – actual savings may vary based on service area. Savings examples based on (1) estimated customer monthly bill and (2) estimated solar credit value based on an average of the applicable utility charges, escalated at 3% per year. Future utility price changes and actual solar farm production could be more or less than estimated. Customer usage and utility prices vary over time. Savings can vary month to month and solar credits may not be immediately available. Savings can vary if subscribed with an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier. NY residents only: Savings estimate includes the optional auto-pay discount. MN residents only: Includes a community solar 2% annual pricing escalator.

*NY and MA residents only: Based on a 20-year term.
MN residents only: Based on a 25-year term.

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What is Community Solar?

Clearway Community Solar enables residents to join a local solar farm, support locally-generated solar power, and receive credits for the same solar power to help lower their energy costs.

Solar panel connected to a community of houses

We create power in numbers and a collective difference through community support of a solar farm that generates solar energy for an entire area.

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Solar energy from our solar farms is sent directly to the local power grid, and subscribers receive credits to help with their electricity costs.

At the foundation of our Community Solar farms are residents like you who help support clean power. It’s never been easier to make a difference for the planet and for your electricity costs.

The Community Solar Process

Clearway Community Solar builds and operates solar farms in your local community. Our dedicated, professional teams maintain them year round, so that your roof, and your time and effort, are removed from the equation.

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Clearway Community Solar Farm produces clean, renewable electricity

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The solar power generated is delivered directly to your local power grid

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You receive credits for the same solar energy to help reduce your costs.

The solar farms are supported by subscription plans from eligible community members. You are the foundation that makes the <a href=””>Community Solar farms</a> possible.

What is A Solar Savings Calculator?

Every home is different, and energy usage can vary. Similarly, so can solar production. If you are considering going solar, you might be wondering how your electricity costs could be affected. With our Community Solar program, you now have a renewable energy option that does not require upfront costs — but how could it make a difference for your electricity bill?

Our Solar Savings Calculator is a handy tool that estimates the amount of money a customer like you could save in your first year on an active Community Solar Farm, as well as over the contract lifetime. The calculator uses your property location, utility provider, and your average monthly bill to calculate the estimated savings with Community Solar. Clearway Community Solar’s calculator estimates future utility price fluctuations, our rate structure, and your current usage, to provide a savings estimate. Of course, your home’s energy usage could change and solar production varies, so these projections are only estimates. To get an exact quote for your home, you can schedule a phone consultation with a solar specialist to learn more about how the program works.

Currently, Clearway Community Solar is available in New York, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, so the tool will only show savings estimates for these states. If you are interested in Community Solar and would like to sign up for our waitlist, click on “Other” in the state drop-down menu. Customers can also check out our Coming Soon page to see our upcoming community solar plans. Renewable energy is continuing to grow, and now it’s easier than ever to go solar. You can do something great for your community, the environment, and your energy costs.

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