Families across the nation are home adjusting to new routines. You may be using more energy between managing work and kids, and you can bet your home itself is using more energy. Whether it’s charging your computer for work or an iPad for the kids, somewhere, somehow, your electricity use has likely gone up. Changes are, you can expect a higher utility bill, which is never ideal, but especially inconvenient during this time.

The simplest way to reduce your electricity costs is to get a credit on your utility bill. You can get a credit on your utility bill simply by supporting renewable power. And you can support renewable power simply by joining a local Community Solar farm. Clearway Community Solar offers a savings guarantee, and for a limited time, you can join the program with a $0 cancellation fee for Community Solar shoppers in New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Here’s how it works:

First, you subscribe to a Clearway Community Solar farm. These are local solar arrays that are managed and maintained offsite – there’s no sign-up fee and there are no maintenance fees. Clearway will subscribe your home to a portion of the Community Solar farm based on your historical energy usage and will determine the right size by assessing your usage with a copy of your utility bill.

Thanks to your subscription, 100% renewable solar energy will go to the local power grid, reducing the dependence on polluted energy sources like fossil fuels. And that’s where you get the savings benefit. For the solar energy generated by your subscription, you receive solar bill credits that are automatically applied to your utility bill. These bill credits reduce your utility bill and depending on the amount of solar production and your home’s energy consumption that month, could even offset your bill entirely.

As your Community Solar provider, you would pay Clearway for the solar power, and thus the solar bill credits, that were generated. But rather than paying the monthly utility rate, you will pay for those solar bill credits at a guaranteed savings rate, based on your region and contract terms.* You can get a savings estimate by visiting this helpful solar calculator.

Currently, Clearway has launched a promotion for Earth month lasting through the summer where you can cancel with no fee.** While Clearway’s contract includes convenient cancellation terms, it typically include a $0-$200 cancellation fee depending on the customer’s billing cycle and other factors. But for those customers that sign up now through August 1, 2020, the cancellation fee will be waived for the duration of the contract.

With a guaranteed savings offer and $0 cancellation fee, it makes sense to try out Clearway’s program and enjoy some savings every month that can add up, without long-term risk. Visit Clearway’s website to start your enrollment or call 1.866.520.0748 to speak to one of their energy consultants. A home visit is not required, and enrollment can be completed online or over the phone.


* Savings guarantee applies to the monthly credited utility rate of the solar bill credits generated. Actual savings can vary month to month and would not apply in the event the customer does not receive credits or receives a reduced credit amount due to utility errors or delays or cancellation. Refer to the community solar contract for agreement terms. Subject to credit approval and a 20-year agreement term.

** New residential customers only. Offer valid through August 1, 2020. Available to New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois Customers only. Customers may cancel their Clearway Community Solar subscription with a minimum of 60- 90 days’ notice based on your region and contract terms. Customers on active farms who receive invoices from Clearway Community Solar will be required to pay their invoices for the periods through the 60-90-day notice period. Subject to the terms of the Community Solar Agreement, the cancellation fee ranges from $0-$200 in the Clearway Community Solar Agreement. This promotion will waive the cancellation fee if you execute the Clearway Community Solar Agreement by August 1, 2020.

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