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About Clearway Community Solar

Our Vision, Your Clean Energy Future

Why We Do What We Do

At Clearway Community Solar, we believe in a clean energy future. And we believe that doing your part shouldn’t be hard or a hassle. It should not be costly or overly complex.

We have designed a solar energy program that makes supporting renewable energy both accessible and practical. In short, we make renewable, reachable. We make it easy to do your part.

The Clearway Mission

Clearway’s mission is to make clean, competitive, and reliable energy; to do good by our customers, our communities, our environment, and our people; and, to be an enduring company that makes these things – and even more – possible.

Who is Clearway?

Clearway Energy Group is accelerating the world’s transformation to a clean energy future. Built for 21st century energy markets, Clearway is focused on providing customers with the power they need and the customer experience they deserve. With assets across 28 states, more than 500 employees and the capacity to power about 2.7 million homes, Clearway is bringing reliable and clean power to market. The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Carlsbad, CA; Scottsdale, AZ; Houston, TX; and New York City, NY.

Our History

Our Values

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We are passionate about building a sustainable energy future and sharing that passion with forward-thinking people like you. We want to spread the idea that solar energy is a practical and impactful way to improve the current and future state of our environment.

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Community defines us. We are inclusive, optimistic and motivated to live eco-consciously every day. We share a sense of responsibility and camaraderie in our vision for the future of energy.

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Environmental Sustainability

We are forward thinkers who understand that energy can be limitless, not finite. Clean, not harmful. Sustainable, and not wasteful. We put the environment first because we realize when we take care of the Earth, it takes care of us.

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We are pioneers who strive to influence smarter energy choices globally and locally. For us, innovation is not about riding the latest trend– it’s about creating sustainable solutions that positively impact the world. We are committed to educating consumers on the practicality and unlimited benefits of locally-generated solar energy.

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We stand confidently behind the expertise of our team and the quality of our leading technology. Our goal is to establish customer loyalty and brand longevity by providing an unparalleled customer experience in each community we serve.

Big Ideas, Dedicated Focus

Clearway is one of the largest clean energy companies in the United States. Including assets owned by its affiliate, Clearway Energy Inc., Clearway’s operating footprint of renewable energy projects includes 2.8 GW of wind, 1.1 GW of utility solar, and over 300 MW of distributed and Community Solar.[1]

[1] MW figures reflect ownership, as opposed to gross MW capacity, across all facilities as of August 2018.

Clearway Gives Back

At Clearway, the local community is at the heart of what we do. Our efforts and company values come together in concert to support local organizations that align with our vision for a clean energy future, alongside social initiatives that we believe are important for communities nationwide and around the world

How Can I Get Started with Community Solar?

Clearway offers an easy to use online enrollment option, or you can speak to one of our Energy Consultants.

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2021 Sustainability Report

Clearway Energy Group works to create a sustainable future by providing affordable, reliable, clean power to customers and communities across the country. We seek to set an example for the renewable energy industry by focusing on sustainable operations while continuously growing our company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Clearway Community Solar, LLC is a legitimate business. Founded in 2015, the solar energy company develops and operates local solar farms in communities throughout the United States. The company additionally manages subscriptions to the solar farms. Those who subscribe to Clearway’s solar farms contribute clean solar energy that is sent directly to the local power grid. In return, subscribers receive solar credits for the same energy generated from their subscription to help with their utility costs. These solar bill credits can lower the balance from their utility company and result in long-term savings. Clearway Community Solar is the largest Community Solar provider in the United States, with over 17,000 residential and small business customers, and over 300 municipal and commercial subscribers. Clearway Community Solar is a division of Clearway Energy Group, one of the largest clean energy companies in the nation.

  • Community Solar, sometimes called “shared solar,” is a solar energy sharing program that offers universal support of renewable energy to residents (homeowners and renters alike), businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, hospitals, faith-based organizations, and municipalities without solar panel installation on properties. Customers subscribe to a local solar farm to support renewable power for their community, and in return, receive bill credits (which we call “solar bill credits”) that help reduce utility charges. The program is a convenient, roofless solar solution that helps customers save on energy costs, while also bringing local jobs and economic development to communities.

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