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How Billing Works

Supporting solar is easy, and managing your bills can be, too.

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Our Billing Process

Once your assigned solar farm is placed in service, your Clearway Community Solar subscription will also activate. You will now receive two bills related to your energy charges each month. The first is your standard utility bill for your energy supply. Depending on your region, solar credits may automatically be applied to your bill and reduce your balance. A separate bill will come from Clearway Community Solar for your solar farm subscription.
Orange box icon that says Utility Bill with an energy boltSame bill as usual from your utility, but now your monthly solar credits are applied. (May vary by region).
Clearway Community Solar bill for your monthly subscription fee. AutoPay option available.
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AutoPay and Paperless

You will receive a second bill from Clearway Community Solar for your monthly subscription fee. We offer AutoPay options and paperless billing for your convenience. With AutoPay you'll save time and enjoy the convenience of knowing your bill is paid automatically, securely, and on time. Sign up is easy in your online customer portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about how your customer billing works, visit our online library of Frequently Asked Questions.

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