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Clearway Community Solar brings communities together to support locally-produced, 100% renewable power while lowering electricity costs. Together as a roofless solar community, we are building a clean energy future and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. And with a collective community comes community voices! See what our customers say about going solar with Clearway.

Read real reviews from customers who choose Clearway Community Solar for their home’s sustainable energy solution. Beyond the environmental impact, Clearway customers benefit from no green power premiums, no upfront costs, and no retail energy gimmicks. Plus, Clearway customers enjoy the cost-saving benefits of solar without the need to install rooftop panels. Find out how Community Solar is working for them.

Charlotte S.

Customer, Google Reviews

Soo Happy with my Service. My solar panels produce so much energy My last electric bill from Ntl Grid was over -200 (that’s negative 🙂

Constance H.

Customer, Google Reviews

I’m pleased so far with Clearway Community Solar. I’m very happy I waited to get solar and not have to put those sightly panels on my roof! Cost seems to be good.

Michael B.

Customer, Google Reviews

I have been w Clearway solar since the beginning and it has been a great experience and have saved some money along the way, I would recommend everybody to sign up.

Cheryl T.

Customer, Google Reviews

We have been very happy with our experience with Clearway Community Solar. We have reduced our monthly electric bills and helped the environment. We highly recommend this program. Our experience has been excellent.

Roberta L.

Customer, Google Reviews

So far I’m saving money every month with Clearway! I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to switch over to the new way of paying for my energy use. Haven’t noticed any glitches at all, and my bills are lower every month. Good way to help save the planet as well. Highly recommend!

Kathy A.

Customer, Google Reviews

Since signing up for Solar energy I have been very happy with the service my bills are lower and anytime I have a problem customer service has been great help solving whatever it is.

Kaethe M.

Customer, Google Reviews

Best thing we ever did was sign up for the Freeman Farm Solar Farm, about 6 miles from our house in East Sandwich. It has essentially covered our whole electric bill, even in the summer when we are invaded with guests and the AC is running full blast for the $201.24 a month. A huge savings.

Sue K.

Customer, Google Reviews

I have been pleased with Clearway Community Solar to this point. I’m anxious to see how the savings flow through the winter months. This has been a painless experience and has saved on the cost of electricity for my home.

Pat S.

Customer, Google Reviews

I have been a customer for a little over a year. I have not had a balance to pay since April of last year and I think that was 68 cents. I have received rebate checks from them for 3 of the last 4 quarters and believe I will be receiving another one shortly. I still get a bill from Everscource for a delivery fee but they are nowhere near what my bill use to be.

Michael G.

Customer, Google Reviews

I signed up with Clearway Community Solar about two years ago because I thought a community solar farm was a great idea. I did this even though I had solar panels installed on my house from another source. As a result I actually receive a check from Clearway periodically while relying less on fossil fuel. To me this was a way for me to become environmentally responsible.

John M.

Customer, Google Reviews

We have realized the great benefit provided by joining a community solar farm. So far, our credits toward Xcel energy have amounted to just under $1K, which is very accommodating, to say the least. We enjoy the fact of not having a personal solar panel installation, with related maintenance concerns. Plus this environmental benefit definitely has great impact on the future of reducing fossil fuel requirements.

John C.

Customer, Google Reviews

I’ve been very pleased with the $ savings on my energy bill I’ve experienced with Clearway so far — better than expected. The monthly reports included with my bill are clear and easy to understand.

Joan G.

Customer, Google Reviews

We have had a very positive experience with clearway community solar. The solar credits we received have almost halved our Orange and Rockland bills. I would recommend them to everyone.

Beau S.

Customer, Google Reviews

We have been extremely pleased with our Clearway experience.

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