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Clearway Community Solar Reviews

Customers Love Roofless Solar


Massachusetts Customer

Our Clearway community solar farm panels provide great savings. We save about 50% off our previous average bill in the warmer months. In winter we still get significant savings, about 25% on average. And we don’t have to worry about maintaining the panels or any complications that might arise with roof-mounted panels. Indeed, we are quite please with our Clearway community farm solar.

Karen L

Massachusetts Customer

Clearway has kept its promises and has continued to improve through the years.


Massachusetts Customer

Very satisfied with the savings and cost of Clearway. Thanks and Happy New Year


Massachusetts Customer

very satisfied have saved on bill


Minnesota Customer

Very easily managed and cuts my cost with no problems.


Minnesota Customer

Thanks for saving us some money on our electrical bills while helping out the environment.


Minnesota Customer

Clearway has saved me several hundred dollars a year. Thank you Clearway!!


New York Customer

To date, the service has been excellent at reasonable prices.


New York Customer

I’m truly surprised on how the solar system works and how much I have saved since I joined the solar farm. When asked by my friends about solar, I automatically mention how I found it was to my advantage to sign up. I have truly saved a lot of money. I have no problem recommending Clearway to them and give them all the information they need to research how it would work for them.


Minnesota Customer

Fabulous belonging to the solar farm and enjoying the benefits it gives me. Thank you so much


Minnesota Customer

Love that my electric bill has been less!!


Minnesota Customer

Very GOOD Company, Saved me money every month!


Minnesota Customer

Been very satisfied with Clearway so far, and the advantages to electric billing savings.


New York Customer

The transition to participation in the solar farm was seamless. At the time I signed on I assumed I’d wind up spending more for energy, but felt I should do so anyway for the benefit of our planet going forward. In truth, I’m actually spending less per month (total) since the farm became active. So I did the right thing and wound up saving money. I guess there really is a first time for everything!

How Can I Get Started with Community Solar?

Clearway offers an easy to use online enrollment option, or you can speak to one of our Energy Consultants.

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