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How to Sign Up For Community Solar

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Our Enrollment Process

Sign up is simple and transparent with Clearway Community Solar

  1. Contact A Solar Specialist

    They are here to guide you every step of the way.
  2. Have Your Utility Bill Ready

    We will use your historical energy usage and current utility rate to provide a free quote.
  3. Ask Questions

    It's important to us that you understand how the program works. S
  4. Soft Credit Check

    Clearway Community Solar subscribers are required to complete a soft credit check. This will not impact credit scores.
  5. Sign Agreement

    Secure your spot on your local community solar farm.

How to Qualify

Availability is limited. To qualify for Community Solar, you must meet the following program requirements. Our solar specialists can help you determine if the program is right for you.

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Reside in the same utility and serviceable area as the Clearway Community Solar farm.

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Have an energy meter located on your property.

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Consume at least the minimum required energy usage.

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Complete a soft credit check - your credit score will not be impacted.

After You Enroll

Convenience and best-in-class service continues when you become a customer.



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  • How do customers enroll with Clearway?

    Clearway’s enrollment process is simple and straightforward. No home audits are required. Customers complete the Clearway Customer Agreement, which includes all program terms and conditions and the program rate structure. Customers must also provide Clearway with a recent utility bill. This is used to evaluate a customer’s energy consumption to determine a solar farm subscription size and verify the account with the utility to ensure the allocation and application of solar bill credits. Finally, customers may be required to complete a Welcome Call verification to ensure understanding of all program terms and conditions.

    Enroll Online

    Customers can enroll online and complete all steps using Clearway’s Online Enrollment Portal.

    Schedule a Free Phone Consultation

    Pick the best time to speak to one of our energy consultants over the phone to learn more about the program using our simple scheduling tool.

    Enroll Over the Phone

    Customers can contact an energy consultant Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm at 1-866-520-2711 to enroll. Please have a recent utility bill handy.

    Request More Information

    To learn more and to hear from one of our energy consultants, customers may submit their contact information here.

  • How does a customer know if they qualify for Clearway’s program?

    Qualifying customers for Clearway’s Community Solar program must have an active utility account within our service territory, a minimum energy usage, and have a qualifying utility serving as the electricity provider. Customers must additionally complete all program enrollment requirements and pass a soft credit check, which will not impact credit scores. A Clearway energy consultant can help customers determine if they qualify. To contact an energy consultant, submit a request online or call 1-866-520-2711.

  • Does Clearway require a credit check to enroll?

    In some markets, Clearway may require a soft credit check for all new customers. A soft credit check will not impact a customer’s credit score.

  • Do customers have to own a home to join Clearway’s program?

    No, customers do not have to own a home to join Clearway’s program. Clearway’s Community Solar program is available to renters and homeowners alike, as well as small businesses, municipalities, schools, and more.

  • Why is a customer’s utility bill needed to enroll with Clearway?

    Clearway requires a customer’s utility bill to enroll in our Community Solar program in order to assign the customer to the appropriate allocation size of a solar farm based on the historical consumption that is featured on a utility bill. Upon receiving the customer’s historical energy consumption details from the utility bill, Clearway is able to best establish that the customer is subscribed to the appropriate number of panels to render savings for their account. Additionally, a utility bill is required to verify a customer’s utility account and account number, in order to facilitate the application of solar bill credits with a customer’s utility. Utilities are responsible for the meter readings of solar production and the application of solar bill credits for a customer. The authentication between a Community Solar subscription and a customer’s utility starts with a utility bill and the accompanying utility account number.

    Customer information including utility account information and a utility bill is confidential and secure. Clearway will never have access to a customer’s utility account.

  • How long is Clearway’s subscription term?

    Clearway’s Customer Agreements feature a term length that varies by region, with a 20-year minimum. While Clearway Customer Agreements may vary by region and date of execution, various conveniences clauses are included for customers in the event of moves, life events, and cancellations. Offer varies by region and enrollment date.

  • Why is the Clearway Customer Agreement a long-term contract?

    Clearway’s Customer Agreements vary by term length, with a minimum term length of 20-years. The long-term commitment helps ensure the most optimal rate structure for customers to help them save. Clearway Customer Agreements may vary by region and date of execution and include various conveniences language for customers. Some Customer Agreements may feature the ability to cancel anytime with notice. Offer varies by region and enrollment date.

  • What happens after a customer enrolls with Clearway?

    After a customer signs and submits their Clearway Customer Agreement, the contract will be reviewed for enrollment eligibility, then emailed to the customer at the email address provided on their account. Customers will receive a series of onboarding emails and a complete Welcome Kit to their address on file. Customers will also receive periodic email communications with updates on the development and assignment of solar farms, and ultimately notice of activation. Customers can monitor solar farm development using Clearway’s online Customer Portal. Once the solar farms are activated, customers may use the Customer Portal to pay bills online, monitor the solar credits generated, and track the environmental impact of the program.

  • What happens if I want to cancel my Clearway Customer Agreement?

    Customers may cancel their Clearway Customer Agreement, without any penalty or obligation, by submitting the Notice of Cancellation (included with their Clearway Customer Agreement) to Clearway at any time prior to midnight of the third (3rd) business day after the signing the Customer Agreement. Additionally, customers may cancel their Customer Agreement by providing notice to Clearway during the cancellation notice periods featured in Customer Agreement. If a customer chooses to cancel their Customer Agreement after a solar farm is placed in service, they have the ability to cancel according to the terms of their Customer Agreement, which may include a notice period, cancellation fee, and other steps.

  • What happens if a Clearway customer moves?

    If a Clearway customer moves within Clearway’s serviceable territory, the Customer Agreement can move with the Customer. To facilitate a move with Clearway, customers must provide the utility bill for the new property as well as a final utility bill for the former property. Customers moving outside of Clearway’s serviceable regions must follow the terms outlined by their Customer Agreement, including notice periods, final bill requirements, and any cancellation fees, if applicable. Contact Clearway’s customer support team for assistance with your move.

  • If I don’t move, can I cancel my agreement?

    In addition to the cancellation terms above, you may cancel your agreement if an eligible replacement customer agrees to assume your agreement for your allocation amount. Clearway Community Solar may find an eligible replacement customer for you for a fee.  You’ll still be responsible for monthly payments to Clearway Community Solar until the utility transfer is complete. Once a customer is identified, customer transfers may take 2-6 months to process.

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