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Community Solar 101

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Community Solar At-A-Glance

Now that you know how Community Solar works, you can see why this convenient alternative to rooftop solar has been the choice of thousands of customers. Here are some fun facts.

Why Clearway Community Solar Shines

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A Growing Community Solar Footprint

Clearway Community Solar currently has a vast footprint of Community Solar farms currently generating clean solar power! And, more are in development. We are actively planning expansion to new states.

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The Power of Scale

Our Community Solar farms are among the largest community solar farms in the nation. Our Spencer, Massachusetts farm currently represents the largest community solar farm in Massachusetts, and even in the United States, spanning across 200 acres of the historic St. Joseph’s Abbey.

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Leading Community Solar Generation

To date, our solar farms have produced over 1 billion kilowatt hours of solar energy,  which is equivalent to taking OVER 154,124 cars off the road for one year!

Calculation based on the farm production of active Clearway Community Solar farms. For more information about this calculation visit the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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A Look at U.S. Community Solar

16 U.S. states and the District of Columbia have community solar policies in place.

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Minnesota Leads the Nation

Minnesota is leading the U.S. with the most Megawatts installed from community solar gardens.

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Economic Benefits

The U.S. solar power business employs 43% of the electric power generation sectors workforce – that’s more than fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas combined!

Is Community Solar Right For Me?

We’re glad you asked. Our goal is to make supporting clean energy available to everyone through an accessible solar energy program. Here are some questions you can consider as you explore our program.

  1. Would you like to support renewable energy generation for your state?
    Renewable energy currently makes up 9% of energy generation in the United States. Meanwhile, nearly 65% of energy comes from fossil fuels. With Community Solar, you can support renewable energy on the power grid, instead of polluted energy.
  2. Are you an advocate of local production?
    Our Community Solar farms are built within your state in nearby communities. With Community Solar, you can support local solar production and solar jobs.
  3. Have you been frustrated with your energy costs?
    We understand that you have to have your lights on. Community Solar presents an opportunity to help positively impact your electricity costs while supporting renewable power. In return for your support, you earn solar bill credits that help reduce your charges. Visit our solar calculator to see what you could save.
  4. Have you considered going solar, but found rooftop solar to be a challenge?
    Community Solar takes your roof out of the equation. For you, that means no installation or maintenance. Our teams work year-round to take care of our solar farms. Additionally, there are no upfront costs with Community Solar, and you will not be billed until the farm starts generating the solar power. In addition to residential customers, Clearway supports small businesses, municipalities, and religious organizations.
  5. Is your current home or geographic location a long-term commitment?
    Community Solar is a long-term contract, with convenient program terms. This helps us ensure the best price structure for you. If you do not plan to relocate, your solar commitment is one that matters for the community you call home. If you move nearby, your agreement may be able to transfer with you. Should you move outside of our footprint, options are available for you to transfer your agreement or to cancel, depending on your region. Want to learn more? Speak to a solar specialist, visit our FAQs, or expand your knowledge with our Bright Ideas Blog.

How Community Solar Farms Are Built

Our dedicated teams evaluate the best locations in every state to build solar farms, utilizing industrial-grade solar panels. These panels are tested for weather conditions, durability, efficiency and more. Depending on when you sign up and farm availability in your area, the Community Solar farm you are assigned to may be in a varying stage of development. Rest assured, you will not be billed until your farm is actively producing energy. We will keep you informed as our solar farms in your area meet each milestone and progress along the development process. You can also track the current stage of your assigned farm using our online Customer Portal – which you will have access to as soon as your Customer Agreement is completed.

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