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Our Minnesota Community Solar Gardens

Clearway Community Solar is proud to provide renewable solar energy in Minnesota. Our community solar farms, also known as solar gardens, help make clean energy more accessible for Minnesota residents and small businesses, as well as support local, 100% solar power  – no roof required.

The Community Solar Impact

With community solar farms across the state, Clearway is creating green energy and providing solar options that are accessible and affordable for residents of Minnesota.

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90+ Active Solar Farms

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6,800+ active customers (and growing!)

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300 million+ net KwH for MN

Community Solar Farm Photo Gallery

Discover our commitment to a cleaner Minnesota and take a look at our photo gallery.

Community Solar Farms In Minnesota

Home of the United States’ first net metering law, the state of Minnesota has long been committed to incentivizing renewable energy, especially solar power. Ambitious legislation has been commonplace in the state from the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act to Minnesota’s Community Solar Program, passed in 2013. In early 2021, Gov. Tim Walz declared a new goal: that 100% of Minnesota’s electricity would come from carbon-free sources by 2040. With consistency and vision, Minnesota has made it easy for residents, utilities, coops, and municipalities to adopt and expand the use and generation of solar power and other renewable energy sources.

Clearway Community Solar is playing a big role in helping Minnesota reach its renewable energy goals. With 91 active facilities in the state spread out across 27 different solar farms, Clearway has produced over 304 million kWh of total electricity since our first Minnesota solar farm began generating power. At the same time, we’ve given our customers solar bill credits that total almost $40 million. Not only does Clearway help reduce Minnesota’s dependence on fossil fuels and ensure enough energy resources for the future; we also help Minnesotans save money.

Supporting clean energy and saving on your monthly electric bill with Community Solar is easy. Minnesota residents in Big Lake, Wabasha, and Pine Island can purchase a subscription to Clearway Community Solar. As Clearway’s Community Solar farms generate electricity, subscribers earn solar bill credits. Because Clearway Community Solar farms generate electricity on behalf of subscribers, there’s no need to install rooftop solar panels. Anyone in our service territory can potentially be a customer, and there’s never any maintenance or cleaning to do either. Community Solar is accessible to almost everyone, whether you rent or own your home. If you’d like more information about how you can invest in and save with clean, renewable Community Solar, contact Clearway today.

Current Community Solar Projects In Minnesota

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