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Solar Savings Calculator

Wondering how Community Solar could impact your electricity costs?
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Estimate only – actual savings may vary based on service area. Savings examples based on (1) estimated customer monthly bill and (2) estimated solar credit value based on an average of the applicable utility charges, escalated at 3% per year. Future utility price changes and actual solar farm production could be more or less than estimated. Customer usage and utility prices vary over time. Savings can vary month to month and solar credits may not be immediately available. Savings can vary if subscribed with an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier. NY residents only: Savings estimate includes the optional auto-pay discount. MN residents only: Includes a community solar 2% annual pricing escalator.

*NY and MA residents only: Based on a 20-year term.
MN residents only: Based on a 25-year term.

What is A Solar Savings Calculator?

Every home is different, and energy usage can vary. Similarly, so can solar production. If you are considering going solar, you might be wondering how your electricity costs could be affected. With our Community Solar program, you now have a renewable energy option that does not require upfront costs — but how could it make a difference for your electricity bill?

Our Solar Savings Calculator is a handy tool that estimates the amount of money a customer like you could save in your first year on an active Community Solar Farm, as well as over the contract lifetime. The calculator uses your property location, utility provider, and your average monthly bill to calculate the estimated savings with Community Solar. Clearway Community Solar’s calculator estimates future utility price fluctuations, our rate structure, and your current usage, to provide a savings estimate. Of course, your home’s energy usage could change and solar production varies, so these projections are only estimates. To get an exact quote for your home, you can schedule a phone consultation with a solar specialist to learn more about how the program works.

Currently, Clearway Community Solar is available in Illinois, New York, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, so the tool will only show savings estimates for these states. If you are interested in Community Solar and would like to sign up for our wait list, click on “Other” in the state drop-down menu. Customers can also check out our Coming Soon page to see our upcoming Community Solar plans. To help you save more money, take a look at our Energy Efficiency page and discover how you can make your home energy efficient today. Renewable energy is continuing to grow, and now it’s easier than ever to go solar. You can do something great for your community, the environment, and your energy costs.

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  • How do savings work with Clearway?

    Clearway’s rate structure is based on the cost of solar bill credits designated by a customer’s Clearway Customer Agreement and may include a savings guarantee.* When customers subscribe to a Clearway Community Solar farm, they support renewable power for their community. The output of the solar farm is sent to the local power grid, helping offset polluted power from fossil fuels. In return for supporting solar energy, customers receive solar bill credits that reduce utility charges. Clearway bills customers for the cost of the solar bill credits at a rate designed to help customers save. The rate of the solar bill credits is designated within the Clearway Customer Agreement.

    In summary:

    1. A customer receives solar bill credits on their utility bill.
    2. A customer pays lower utility charges, thanks to the solar bill credits.
    3. Most customers pay Clearway separately for the cost of the solar bill credits (may vary by region and product).
    4. The cost of the solar bill credits is outlined within the Clearway Customer Agreement and may include a savings guarantee.*

    *Clearway subscription offers vary between regions and savings benefits may vary.

    Existing customers can review their Customer Agreement on the Clearway CustomerPortal, or can get further details including a savings summary by contacting Clearway support at

    New customers interested in learning about Clearway’s current savings offers can visit the online savings calculatorschedule a phone consultation, or contact an energy consultant at 1-866-520-2711.

  • What are solar credits or Net Metering Credits?

    Solar bill credits are the credits Clearway Community Solar subscribers receive for the solar energy generated by their allocation of their assigned Community Solar farm. These credits are sometimes called “Net Metering Credits.” The solar bill credits reduce utility charges. In certain instances, the solar bill credits may be applied directly to the Clearway invoice. A customer’s utility is responsible for the meter reading of solar farms and subsequent allocation and application of solar bill credits for each customer. The amount of credits a customer receives may vary with the seasonal output of the solar farm, while the impact of the solar bill credits on utility charges may vary based on a customer’s energy consumption. Clearway Community Solar customers are able to track monthly solar production and the monthly solar bill credits within their online Customer Portal. Customers may receive periodic savings summaries from Clearway that details solar bill credits received.

  • How much solar energy will be generated by the farm allocation that is part of my subscription?

    Just like your home’s energy usage varies, the output of our solar farms will vary based on the degree of sunlight. More solar energy is generated during sunnier times of the year. Your allocation of the solar farm is determined by your historical energy usage so that you are not over or undersubscribed, and in the best position to positively impact your energy costs over time. Our program is designed for the ebb and flow of the farm’s production, and fluctuations in your household’s energy consumption.

  • Will the solar bill credits from my Clearway subscription offset my utility bill?

    While it is possible that a customer’s applied solar bill credits could offset their entire utility charges during a billing cycle, the solar bill credits applied from month-to-month may vary based on the amount of solar energy generated by a customer’s allocation of the farm, as well as the customer’s energy consumption.

  • Why do you need my utility bill?

    During our enrollment process, you will be asked to provide a past utility bill. This allows us to evaluate your historical energy usage and rate. Your information is confidential and secure. Take a look at how pricing works for our Community Solar program.

  • Which utility charges are reduced by the solar bill credits?

    The application of the solar bill credits on a utility bill varies by market and state regulated program rules. Solar bill credits will not impact utility fees or taxes in any market. Solar bill credits may be applied to utility supply charges or may be applied to both utility supply and delivery charges, depending on your region.

  • How will Clearway customers know if they are saving on energy?

    Existing customers may request a savings summary by emailing Savings summaries will also be emailed periodically by Clearway.

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