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A Roofless Solar Program for Illinois with Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed savings on power when you join your local Illinois solar farm.* No green energy premiums, no retail energy gimmicks – just a new renewable power solution for your home.

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The Benefits of Illinois Community Solar

Local renewable energy for Illinois

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No roof required, no property installations

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$0 down, no upfront costs

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Guaranteed Savings with Your Subscription

*Savings calculated as 20% on the value of the net metering credits generated by the residential solar subscription on the default supply service rate with the utility (ComEd or Ameren). Customers not on their utility default supply rate may not receive the same savings or any savings. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying net metering credits.

Go Solar. No Roof Required. Here's How:

In Illinois, you can support renewable solar energy generation without a rooftop solar system. Community Solar projects make it easy. For the solar energy generated, you receive bill credits applied directly to your ComEd or Ameren utility bill. Here’s how the Clearway Community Solar program works for Illinois residents.

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Download an Educational Deck

Learn all there is to know about Clearway’s Illinois Community Solar program by downloading this educational deck!

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Clearway: An Approved Vendor of Illinois Shines

Clearway Community Solar is an Approved Vendor of the Illinois Shines program, also known as the Adjustable Block Program or “ABP.” Illinois Shines is a state-administered program implemented by the Illinois Power Agency to promote new solar development and solar PV systems. As a solar developer, Clearway’s Community Solar farms produce local solar power, and the Renewable Energy Credits, or “RECs” are sold to the Illinois Shines program to help Illinois reach its renewable energy goals. Learn more about Illinois Shines and it’s incentives by clicking the link below.

Learn More About the Illinois Shines ProgramView the Illinois Shines Brochure

Energy Cost Management

Whether your motivation is to protect the environment or to reduce your Illinois electricity costs, you could do both when you choose Clearway Community Solar. When you join one of our Illinois solar farms, you will support locally-produced renewable energy. Then, you will receive solar bill credits for the solar energy produced by your assigned portion of the Clearway Community Solar farm. These credits are automatically applied to your utility bill for your convenience.

Clearway guarantees utility customers will save 20% on the value of the solar bill credits (the bill credits applied to your utility bill) generated provided a customer is on the default service supply rate with either ComEd or Ameren. Customers on other energy plans may still join a Clearway Solar Farm, but savings could vary.

Who is Eligible?

Whether you are in the greater Chicago area, towns such as Lena, IL or beyond, Clearway Community Solar is available for all Illinois residents. If you consume the minimum usage requirements and pass our qualifications, you are eligible to enroll without solar panel installation on your property or upfront costs! The solar subscription process is simple, and our solar specialists will guide you every step of the way.

Retail Energy Providers

Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers may give a low teaser rate, but is it guaranteed to save you money? The Illinois Commerce Commission mandates that Illinois residents have the opportunity to choose their electricity supplier. Clearway Community Solar is a sustainable, local, clean energy alternative that will save you time and money.

Guaranteed Energy Savings

Community Solar farms produce clean, renewable energy that save you money and time. There’s no maintenance hassle or switching plans for a better deal. Take a look at how locally-produced Community Solar farms work and how they can save you money on your energy bills.

How to Change Electricity Suppliers

Illinois is a deregulated energy state and consumers have a choice when it comes to who provides electricity service to their homes. Learn more about receiving energy supply through the local utility or through a Retail Electric Supplier.

Cost of Electricity in Chicago

The cost of electricity throughout the state of Illinois varies depending on where residents receive their electricity, from a utility or ARES. Learn how Community Solar can help Chicago residents save on energy costs today.

History of Deregulation

Can you really save money in a deregulated energy market? Take a look at the history of deregulated energy in Illinois and how it affects commercial and residential customers.

Solar Companies in Illinois

For anyone interested in going solar in Illinois, there’s never been a better time than now, and it’s never been easier to support solar power generation thanks to the variety of choices, including the growth of Community Solar.

Clearway Community Solar & Illinois: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Community Solar?
A: Community Solar is a new solar energy option for Illinois residents, no roof required. Clearway brings residential subscribers from local communities across the state together to support renewable energy. Rather than placing solar installations on homes, Illinois residents can now enroll in a solar development (sometimes called a solar garden) with their local Clearway Solar Farm and earn bill credits through Clearway’s program.

Q: What Are Solar Bill Credits? 
A: Every month, the solar energy generated by the farm is sent directly to the local power grid, and Clearway customers receive solar bill credits for the same solar energy produced. The solar bill credits are applied directly to utility bills, helping reduce the cost of electricity supply.

Q: What Can I Save with Community Solar? 
A: Customers on the default supply rate with their local Illinois utility (ComEd or Ameren) are guaranteed to save 20% of the value of the solar bill credits. This means that if a customer receives $100 worth of solar bill credits applied to their ComEd or Ameren bill, that customer will only pay $80 for those credits.

Q: Do I Need to Receive Electricity Service from ComEd or Ameren?
A: No, you do not need to receive electricity supply from ComEd or Ameren utility to join a Clearway Community Solar farm. However, to see the savings benefits and enjoy the 20% reduction on the value of the solar bill credits, we recommend that customers be enrolled with their local electric utility on the default supply rate by the time their assigned solar farm is placed in service.

Q: How Do I Sign Up for an Illinois Community Solar Farm?
A: Sign up is easy! Simply fill out the form below to receive a call from one of our solar specialists, or schedule a phone consultation at the time best for you by using our handy scheduling tool. Our expert renewable energy team will explain the program and provide a custom quote for your home.  A home visit is not required – your enrollment can be completed over the phone. Have your utility bill handy to receive a custom quote.

Q: Who is Clearway?
A: Clearway is a top five renewables company in the United States. Our Community Solar program is active in Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York. Clearway builds and operates solar farms, which local residents may subscribe to and join. To learn more about Clearway, visit our About Clearway page.

Q: What is Illinois Shines?
A: Illinois Shines, or the Adjustable Block Program, is a state-administered program for new solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Clearway is an Approved Vendor of the Illinois Shines program. You can learn more about Illinois Shines by reading this brochure.

Q: What are Renewable Energy Credits?
A: Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) are attributes generated by Community Solar projects. Clearway sells the RECs generated from our Community Solar farms to the Illinois Shines Program to help the state of Illinois reach required renewable energy targets set by The Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard.

Q: Are Clearway Community Solar farms still operational during the pandemic?
A: Yes. The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected the operation of any of Clearway’s Community Solar farms. We are still delivering clean, renewable solar energy safely to your local power grid.

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