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What You Need to Know About Retail Energy in Illinois

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Stop Switching, Start Saving

Did You Know? Households buying from alternative energy suppliers other than ComEd from May 2018 to May 2019 overpaid for electricity by more than $100 per year on average.

Illinois is a deregulated electricity state and if you are a resident, you may have heard or experienced the challenges with Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers regularly changing or increasing supply charges. In fact, many customers in Illinois with an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier overpaid on electricity supply charges. You might start with a low teaser rate, but is it guaranteed to save money every year? Are you spending your time shopping for electricity plans and comparing rates to find the best deal? Or, you might be rolled onto a plan with a higher rate. If you’ve found yourself in any of these positions before and are ready to change the way you select your energy plan, there are new options.

In Illinois, you have the right to choose your electricity supplier. There are at least 60 active Retail Electricity Suppliers within ComEd’s territory, the municipal utility supplier for much of the state. Many customers are drawn in after being enticed with new account “deals” which turn out to be limited time offers that expire. Once the rates on their energy bills go up, customers decide to switch to the next who will offer them another short-term deal for switching. Exhausted yet?

This process is both confusing and time-consuming, not to mention has been proven to often cost more money in the long-term. To the contrary, ComEd’s energy supply rates have been shown to be historically lower on an annual basis compared to retail competitors. While ComEd’s supply rates may vary from month to month, annually the ComEd supply rates are lower than that of a retail energy company.

Why continue switching? There is a more sustainable, local alternative that will save you money over time, while also making a positive impact on the environment. That is what Community Solar programs are all about. Community Solar is a new energy option in Illinois, brought forth by the Future Energy Jobs Act signed into law in 2016.

Lock in energy savings with a sustainable solution

Clearway is not a utility or a Retail Electric Supplier. There are no green power premiums, and no teaser introductory subscription costs. Clearway Community Solar is a new renewable power program available to residents throughout Illinois, and allows them to reduce their energy costs without the constant switching and need to renegotiate contracts. Every month, subscribers receive solar bill credits for the solar power generated by their subscription. Those solar bill credits are applied to your utility bill, reducing your supply costs. In fact, Clearway guarantees that utility customers will save 20%** on the value of solar bill credits. Customers who use retail energy plans can still participate in a Community Solar Farm by Clearway, but savings will vary.

Community Solar Farms bring locally-produced renewable energy into your communities. They offer a sustainable energy solution without pricing gimmicks or the need to invest in expensive solar panels on your roof. So, whether you are motivated by the positive environmental impact or simply the opportunity to save money and get out of the retail energy pricing game, Clearway Community Solar could be the right option for you.

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*Subject to credit approval. Subscription term is 20-years. Savings calculated as 20% on the value of the net metering credits generated by the residential solar subscription on the default supply service rate with the utility (ComEd or Ameren). Customers not on their utility default supply rate may not receive the same savings or any savings. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying net metering credits. Terms and conditions may apply.

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