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Community Solar Farms Come to Illinois – with Savings Guaranteed from Clearway

Community Solar farms are making renewable energy more readily available to residents throughout the state of Illinois, with more convenience than ever. Whether you are in the greater Chicago area or beyond, you now have the opportunity to support renewable power and benefit from energy savings without the need for solar panel installation at your home. Better yet, there are no green power premiums or upfront costs to join the program. The process of subscribing to a Community Solar Farm program is simple and perhaps the most practical way to support locally-produced renewable power.

How does Community Solar Work in Illinois?

Community Solar offers homeowners, renters, and businesses alike a new solar energy option in Illinois – no roof required. Unlike traditional rooftop solar, Community Solar does not require any panel installation on a subscriber’s property, which makes the program more broadly available to Illinois residents. For many Illinois homes, rooftop solar is not a viable option. A home’s roof may have too much shading, or the structure may not qualify. In other cases, the aesthetics and upfront costs are unappealing. For renters, placing rooftop panels on a home or apartment was never an option. Community Solar takes those obstacles out of the equation.

Community Solar Farms are offsite solar arrays that deliver renewable power to your Illinois community. Each Clearway farm is built and operated by Clearway’s professional teams bringing more local job opportunities in Illinois! Clearway handles the development, operation, and maintenance, so that your roof is taken out of the equation. No hassles!

Instead of being required to install expensive solar panels on your roof and then waiting for the investment to pay for itself, you can enroll in Clearway’s Illinois program and save on your energy bill.

How much can you save on your energy bills when you enroll in a Clearway Community Solar Farm?

What makes Clearway’s Illinois Community Solar program unique? Community Solar is a brand-new option in Illinois. And, Clearway is a pioneer in Community Solar – a top five renewables company in the United States. Clearway is not a utility company and is not a Retail Electric Supplier. That means no teaser rates or energy plan gimmicks. It’s time to receive savings you can count on with Community Solar. Clearway is shifting the energy conversation for Illinois residents to one of trust and reliable savings, all from a renewable power solution.

For many Illinois residents, a teaser energy rate may seem attractive at first. Many Retail Electric Supply rates are short-term and result in constant switching, or no savings. In fact, Illinois residents who enrolled with Retail Electric Suppliers other than ComEd from May 2018 to May 2019 overpaid for electricity by more than $100 per year, on average. While rates with a utility may vary from month to month, history has shown that the overall payments as compared to Retail suppliers are lower. For more information, learn about retail energy providers in the state of Illinois.

Here’s the Clearway difference – the solar power generated by Clearway’s Community Solar farms is delivered right to your local Illinois electric power grid every month. In return, Clearway customers receive bill credits applied directly to their ComEd or Ameren utility bill. At Clearway, we call these bill credits “solar bill credits” – they reduce the supply portion of your ComEd or Ameren bill. Then, you pay Clearway for those solar bill credits – at a guaranteed savings rate.*

Customers in Illinois are guaranteed to save 20% on the value of the solar bill credits when they enroll with Clearway Community Solar. This means for every $1 earned in solar bill credits, subscribers will only pay Clearway $.80.  To break that down further, if a customer were to receive $100 worth of solar bill credits applied to their utility bill through ComEd or Ameren which reduced their energy supply by $100, then that customer would only pay Clearway $80 for those credits, saving $20 on energy that month. All the while, being a champion of locally-produced renewable power.

Let’s break that savings down one more time:

  1. Your electricity bill is $150.
  2. The value of your solar bill credits is $100.
  3. Your new electricity bill with the solar credits applied is now $50.
  4. You pay Clearway for the solar bill credits with a guaranteed 20% discount – you pay Clearway $80.

Your electricity charges were reduced from $150 to $130 total (you paid $50 to your utility and $80 to Clearway). You saved $20!

Now with Clearway Community Solar, there is a long-term savings guarantee. That means Illinois energy customers can end the relentless shopping cycle, comparing rates and switching providers, and simply remain with their utility and receive further savings through a convenient solar energy program.

To learn more and request a free phone consultation, get started with Clearway here.

*Subject to credit approval. Subscription term is 20-years. Savings calculated as 20% on the value of the net metering credits generated by the residential solar subscription. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying net metering credits. Terms and conditions may apply.

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