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Clean, Solar Energy for Minnesota

Do you want to go solar in Minnesota? See how Community Solar makes it easy to support locally produced renewable energy for the power grid.

The Benefits of Minnesota Community Solar

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Clean energy for Minnesota

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No rooftop installation

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Minnesota Community Solar: How It Works

In Minnesota, you can now support clean, solar energy without a rooftop solar system, and earn solar credits. Here’s how:

Free Solar Consultation

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Why Choose Community Solar?

  • Clean, Sustainable Energy for Minnesota
  • Dedication to Renewable Power
  • No Rooftop Installation
  • No Ongoing Maintenance
  • $0 Down, No Up-Front Costs
  • Transparent Pricing Structure
  • Easy Sign Up
  • Supports Local Jobs

Sustainability + Savings

Minnesota residents are coming together to support clean solar energy. And the power in numbers results in environmental impact. Your participation is rewarded through solar credits and long-term electricity savings potential with a roofless solar energy option.

Each month, Clearway Community Solar will apply credits to your utility bill based on the solar output from your subscribed portion of our local solar garden. Learn how solar credits can mean savings for your home. Program varies by region.

Our Minnesota Solar Gardens

Clearway Community Solar has built some of the nation’s largest Community Solar farms. Fun fact: On our Farmington, Minnesota solar farm, Clearway Community Solar invested in planting pollinator-friendly seed mixes in the land under and around the solar farm. In an effort to “jumpstart” the plants growth for pollination, our team partnered with a local contractor to install mature plants. Also co-located to the farm are apiaries (bee hives for honey production) to promote the pollination on the plants! Take a look at our Minnesota projects.

Who is Eligible?

If you are in our Minnesota footprint and pass our qualifications, you are eligible to enroll. We currently serve communities in Big Lake, Pine Island, and Wabasha, and continue to expand. The process is simple, and our solar specialists will guide you every step of the way.

Renewable Energy Standards

As one of the best states in the midwest for solar energy, Minnesota lawmakers have made solar power adoption a priority. Find out more about the current renewable energy legislation and clean energy history of the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Solar Companies

Where do you get your solar power? Clearway Community Solar is one of the leading solar power companies in all of Minnesota, offering a straightforward alternative to rooftop solar systems.

Ready to Join Our Minnesota Solar Community?

Sunny skies are ahead. Let us tell you more. Speak to a dedicated solar specialist to get more information about our roofless solar option in Minnesota.


  • Where are the Clearway Community Solar farms located?

    Currently, Clearway Community Solar farms are located in IllinoisMassachusettsMinnesota, and New York. Some farms are active, and some are in development. Clearway is continuing to expand our footprint in current markets and exploring new ones.

  • How many Community Solar farms does Clearway Community Solar have?

    Clearway is the largest Community Solar provider in the United States. Clearway Community Solar’s portfolio includes over 55 active solar farms currently producing solar power, with over 50 solar farms in development across service regions. To date, our active solar farms have produced over 800 million kWh of solar power.*

    *Clearway Community Solar farm power generation as of April 2021.

  • How much solar energy will be generated by the solar farm and a customer’s allocation?

    The solar energy generated by the solar farms vary with the seasons and the degree of sunlight. More solar energy is generated during sunnier times of the year, however, the solar farms will continue to effectively generate renewable power during the winter season. With the potential for less sunlight in winter seasons, there may be lower solar production than other seasons. Clearway’s program is designed for the ebb and flow of solar production, along with fluctuations in a customer’s energy consumption, and the rate and pricing structures featured within the Clearway Customer Agreement factor in these variables to help ensure customer savings benefits.*

    *Clearway subscription offers vary between regions and savings benefits may vary.

  • Who builds the Community Solar farms?

    Clearway Community Solar works with third-party developers and local construction teams and contractors to build the solar farms. An estimated 65-150+ local jobs are created during the construction phase of a Community Solar farm. Our professional, dedicated teams are highly trained, industry experts. We use industrial grade panels that are fully tested prior to installation. Our teams additionally handle all inspections and interconnection to the power grid in collaboration with local utilities.

  • Who maintains the Community Solar farms?

    Clearway Community Solar is responsible for year-round maintenance of the solar farms.

  • Does Clearway charge a maintenance fee?

    No, there is no maintenance fee in the Clearway Community Solar Customer Agreement for any region.

  • What kind of solar panels are used on Clearway Solar Farms?

    Clearway Community Solar uses industrial-grade solar panels that are thoroughly tested for performance and weather endurance. Although there is normal, expected degradation over the years, the panels are engineered to last over 20 years before needing replacement.

  • How are the Community Solar farms built?

    First, Clearway Community Solar teams carefully select appropriate sites and land to build solar farms, ensuring adequate amounts of sunlight and meeting all permitting requirements and regulations. Next, the construction phase begins, which can take up to six months. Once construction is complete, Clearway Community Solar works with the utility to connect the farm to the power grid — this phase is called interconnection. Finally, the farm is inspected by the utility and, once deemed operational, it is activated and begins generating power. The solar farms fill up quickly and customers are encouraged to complete their enrollment to ensure placement on the earliest available project. Customers are not billed by Clearway until a solar farm is actively producing power and solar bill credits are generated.

  • Can customers visit the Community Solar farms?

    No, at this time Clearway does not allow visitors to the solar farms as many are located on private property. Clearway will share information about each solar farm, including the town in which it is located and number of panels, as well as farm photos and videos.

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