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Minnesota Solar Companies

Where do you get your solar power? Clearway Community Solar is one of the leading solar power companies in all of Minnesota, offering a straightforward alternative to rooftop solar systems.

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Solar Companies in Minnesota

It’s been almost 40 years since Minnesota laid out the welcome mat for solar power and other renewable energy. In 1983, the state adopted the nation’s first net metering law, allowing customers to participate in energy generation and get paid when their output exceeded their use. Since that time, solar power has grown steadily, in many ways, because of state policy. In 2013, the legislature passed a bill that mandated all investor-owned utilities in Minnesota receive 1.5% of their power from solar by 2020. The bill also raised the 1983 cap on net metering from 40kW to 1MW. Additionally, the Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard requires that 25% of the state’s energy generation come from solar by 2025. Today, Minnesota has more than 1,500 MW of solar installed, enough to power over 203,000 homes.

Clearway Community Solar supports Minnesota’s renewable energy efforts by generating solar energy through local solar farms. That energy is then sent to the electric grid where it is made available to residents, businesses, and nonprofits. Community Solar is an alternative to rooftop solar and other renewable energy plans. A top five renewables company in the United States, Clearway Community Solar is one of the leading solar companies in Minnesota. Subscribers to Clearway Community Solar benefit by reducing their carbon footprint, but they benefit their community as well. A subscription to Clearway Community Solar is an investment in locally-produced solar energy and local solar jobs. Read on to find out how Clearway Community Solar compares to other Minnesota solar companies like All Energy Solar and TruNorth Solar, so you can make the solar energy choice that’s right for you.

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Rooftop Solar or Community Solar?

It isn’t always possible to install a rooftop solar system on a home or business. Many people rent, and some rooftops can’t be used, because they either lack enough direct sunlight or they can’t handle the weight and installation of the panels. Additionally, rooftop solar customers are usually required to either take out a loan or have enough money upfront to pay for the cost of the panels and installation. Community Solar has no upfront costs, and makes it easy for almost anyone to invest in solar.

How Community Solar Works

Clearway Community Solar’s solar farms produce solar energy. That energy is then sent directly to the electric grid to help power homes, businesses, faith communities, schools, and more in the area, all while lowering the state’s carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.

With Clearway Community Solar, there’s no solar panel installation on rooftops or properties at all. Regardless of whether energy customers rent, lease, or own their home or business, they can purchase a subscription to Clearway Community Solar. Customers also don’t have to pay any costs related to maintenance and care of Clearway’s offsite solar farms that supply the grid with energy. While companies like Energy Solar and TruNorth Solar specialize in helping energy customers produce solar energy, their focus is rooftop solar systems. With zero upfront costs and straightforward, consistent pricing, Clearway Community Solar makes it possible for anyone to invest in and benefit from solar energy production without the hassles common to rooftop panel installation.

Choosing a Solar Company

With over 140 solar companies in Minnesota, it can be difficult to make an informed choice. Some Minnesota solar companies only offer rooftop installation, while others offer Community Solar farms as an option. Clearway Community Solar is a trusted solar company in MN that’s available to communities in Big Lake, Pine Island, and Wabasha, and we continue to expand our reach. Solar farms across the state are in development, and there is still room for customers in our service areas to join. Signing up is easy. Clearway Community Solar currently operates in four states — Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois, and we continue to look for new opportunities to bring Community Solar to other parts of the U.S. so more people can invest in clean, renewable energy without upfront costs.

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A subscription to Clearway Community Solar purchases solar bill credits for you that can help lower your carbon footprint and your utility bills. The amount of savings calculated on the value of the solar bill credits generated by a residential solar subscription varies by region. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying solar bill credits. Please refer to the community solar contract for full agreement terms.

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