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How to Choose the Right Solar Energy Company in Illinois

Learn how to compare solar offers and solar power companies in Illinois, including Community Solar Farms.

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Solar Energy is on the Rise in Illinois

For anyone interested in going solar in Illinois, there’s never been a better time than now, and it’s never been easier to support solar power generation thanks to the variety of choices, including the growth of Community Solar. As of September, 2020, the US had installed a total solar capacity of 88.9 GW, which is enough solar energy to power 16.4 million homes, the US is projected to add another 15.4 GW to the electric grid across 2021, and with the rise of Community Solar farm subscriptions, there’s no longer any need to invest in rooftop solar panels to participate.

The state of Illinois is rapidly expanding production of solar energy, too. Committed to generating 25% of their energy from renewable sources over the next four years, there are over 300 solar companies in the state helping to expand production and access for residential and commercial customers. The newest Community Solar option is a key factor in helping Illinois reach its renewable energy goal.

Rooftop vs Community Solar

When people think of solar energy, images of rooftop solar panels often come to mind, but not every energy customer can take advantage of rooftop solar panels. Besides the steep upfront costs and the ongoing expense associated with upkeep, not every roof is ideal for PV panels due to shading or a roof’s age, or, if a resident simply doesn’t like how solar panels look on a roof. If you live in a condo or apartment, rooftop solar is not an option either. But, so many residents and businesses still want to do their part for renewable energy – support the environment without rooftop installation hassles, upfront costs, or green power markups seen with many retail electric plans. Community Solar is a great alternative, because it removes all these barriers. Even renters or condo dwellers can choose Community Solar to save and support the planet with clean, renewable power.

Rooftop Solar Incentives

Rooftop solar is appealing thanks to incentive programs. For example, anyone who buys new solar panels in Illinois in 2021 – 2022 will qualify for a 26% federal solar tax credit. The credit reduces to 22% in 2023, and it expires in 2024. Of course, only homeowners who can afford solar panels with qualified roofs are eligible.

Community Solar Incentives

Community Solar also offers many benefits. With Clearway’s Illinois program, customers are guaranteed to save on energy costs. There are no hidden retail electric gimmicks or hidden fees; what you see is what you get, and you get a guaranteed monthly discount on solar bill credits that reduce your utility bill. So, like with so many retail plans that charge more for supporting renewable energy, you can finally get rewarded for supporting renewable energy.

Illinois Shines

Clearway Community Solar is an approved vendor of Illinois Shines, an Illinois program implemented by the Illinois Power Agency to promote solar development in order to help Illinois reach its renewable energy goals. Clearway solar farms produce local solar power, and subscribers to Clearway Community Solar farm receive a guaranteed 20% savings off their electric bill as a result. For every $1.00 that a customer’s utility bill is reduced, they only pay Clearway $0.80. With Clearway, you can cancel anytime without penalty with 90-days’ notice. There’s no enrollment cost and no maintenance cost.

Choosing a Solar Energy Company in Illinois

Will my roof qualify?

Can I manage the upfront costs?

What impact might the panels have on my roof?

How do I take care of them during snow?

Do I need a back up power supply with a storage battery?


With so many solar companies to choose from, it can be daunting to know where to start. The first thing to consider is whether to install panels on your property or explore an offsite solar subscription through Community Solar. The above questions are just a handful of what you should consider with rooftop solar. Community Solar bypasses these questions and is an innovative way to both support, and financially benefit from, solar power production in Illinois without rooftop installations or upfront costs. A top five renewables company in the US, Clearway Community Solar offers a way for residents, businesses, and other organizations to support locally-produced solar energy, support local solar jobs, and save on their monthly electric bill.

Read on to find out how Clearway Community Solar compares to other rooftop solar energy companies in Illinois, as well as other Community Solar companies.

For Hassle-Free Solar Power, Choose Community Solar

Is there a cancellation fee?

Are there upfront costs to enroll?

How long will you wait to be placed on an active solar farm?

How experienced is the company in managing customers?


When you choose Clearway Community Solar, there’s no need to worry about solar panel installation on properties or roofs. Renters and homeowners can all support the production of clean energy from a Clearway Community Solar farm. Customers also avoid upfront installation costs and the requisite noise and intrusion of solar installers. Clearway Community Solar handles all installation and maintenance at offsite solar farms.

Be sure to consider the above questions when comparing Community Solar companies in Illinois. Illinois has several Community Solar companies, but many of them require customers to buy and own the solar panels generating power on the solar farm. Clearway currently offers cancellation anytime without penalty, with 90 days’ notice for customers on active projects. Moving terms are easy, too, and most importantly, Clearway is the largest Community Solar developer in the United States, supporting well over 20,000 residential customers, plus small and large businesses alike.

Clearway Community Solar: The Clear Choice Among Illinois Solar Companies

Clearway Community Solar is the largest developer and owner of Community Solar projects in the entire United States and is one of the largest clean energy companies in the country. With a consistent and transparent pricing structure and guaranteed 20% savings, Clearway Community Solar is an ideal choice for business owners, residents, and faith leaders in Illinois who want to transition away from fossil fuels, while better managing their energy costs.

Subscriptions with Clearway Community Solar are available now for Ameren and ComEd customers. Sign up for a 20-year contract. All it takes is a soft credit check that won’t affect your credit score, and you can start saving 20% of your current electric bill, while supporting local renewable energy.
If you move out of Clearway’s territory, don’t worry. There’s no fee to cancel your subscription. You just need to give 90 days’ notice. Clearway also offers AutoPay options, plus a one-time $40 credit when you choose three months of AutoPay.

Find out more about how you can sign up for Clearway Community Solar and start saving today.


Savings based on a guaranteed 20% discount on the value of the net metering credits generated by your allocation from the Community Solar system. The impact of the solar bill credits on the utility charges can vary month to month due to seasonal variances affecting solar energy production. Actual savings may vary in the event the customer (i) cancels early, (ii) does not receive credits, or (iii) receives a reduced credit amount due to utility errors or delays. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying solar bill credits. Refer to the community solar contract for agreement terms.

Customers may cancel their Clearway Community Solar subscription with a minimum of 90 days’ notice. Customers on active farms who receive invoices from Clearway Community Solar will be required to pay their invoices for the periods through the 90-day notice period. Subject to the terms of the Community Solar Agreement, the cancellation fee ranges from $0-$200 in the Clearway Community Solar Agreement. The cancellation fee is currently waived. Subject to credit approval and a 20-year agreement. Subscribers will remain a utility customer and responsible for their utility bill. Clearway projects are in development and activation dates may vary by farm assignment. Solar bill credits will not be applied to a customer’s utility account until the assigned solar farm is activated.

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