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What Is A Solar Subscription?

A solar subscription is a subscription plan to an offsite solar farm, or solar garden, that allows homeowners, renters, small businesses, religious organizations, and other nonprofits to support clean, renewable solar energy without the need to purchase a solar array or install rooftop panels on their property. This particular subscription is a Community Solar subscription. Many rooftop solar companies also offer solar subscription options. The benefit of a subscription for rooftop solar panels is that there are usually little to no upfront costs. The downside of this approach is that you still have to deal with the hassles of having rooftop panels installed on your home and if you are a renter, this approach is not even an option. Community Solar on the other hand, is a program designed around a solar subscription service. This type of subscription service, typically a long-term subscription, allows both property owners and renters to support clean energy, no roof required, while also saving money on electric costs.

How Do Community Solar Subscriptions Work?

When you subscribe to a Community Solar program, you are subscribing to an offsite, local Community Solar farm that generates energy for the local power grid. You make a monthly payment to the solar company to help support your local Community Solar farm; specifically, the payment is for the cost of the solar bill credits you receive on your utility bill that reduce your utility charges.

The Community Solar company in return delivers renewable solar power to the local energy grid, which helps to replace fossil fuel sourced power. We mentioned the solar bill credits – your electric utility company then adds solar bill credits to your monthly utility bill, allowing you to save money by reducing that bill. You are still responsible for a utility bill every month, but the charges are reduced thanks to the solar bill credits.

Your savings are calculated through virtual net metering, a process in which you are credited based on your monthly subscription. Although the amount of solar bill credits applied to your utility bill each month fluctuate based on the production from the solar project, the solar bill credits are priced at a guaranteed savings rate with Clearway to help assure savings each month. *

Clearway Community Solar offers transparent pricing for our solar subscription program. A brief consultation will allow us to offer you a straightforward monthly subscription with no hidden costs or gimmicks. You can also get an estimate of what your potential savings as a subscriber will be by using our Savings Calculator.

bird's eye view of Poughkeepsie solar farm in New York

Start Saving on Energy with a Community Solar Subscription

One of the best benefits that Clearway Community Solar subscribers get is the ability to start saving on their electric bill. There are no upfront costs to sign up and you can start seeing solar bill credits applied to your bill once you are assigned to a Community Solar farm that is actively generating power.

Clearway is pleased to be able to currently offer a renewable energy option with a savings guarantee for residents in Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois. If you live within one of our service territories, why not get started by subscribing today?

*Savings calculated on the value of the solar bill credits generated by the residential solar subscription and varies by region. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying solar bill credits. Refer to the community solar contract for full agreement terms. Subject to credit approval and a 20-year agreement.

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