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Vivint Solar vs. Clearway Community Solar

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Comparing Solar Companies

When it comes to renewable energy in states like Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois solar ranks at the top of the list. Harnessing the power of the sun to create energy for homes, businesses, and municipalities is a long-term sustainable solution rooted in a 100% renewable resource. These states have been a long-time champion of renewable energy goals and solar programs for residents, incentivizing both rooftop solar installations and solar development throughout the state. When it comes to choosing a solar option in your state, however, not all solar companies are created equal and there are new options, like joining a Community Solar farm, that might present more convenient solutions for homes and businesses. It is important to do your research to determine which solar option might be best for you, and have a strong understanding of both the benefits and downfalls of rooftop solar.

Solar Companies Like Vivint Solar vs. Community Solar

One thing to consider when exploring your options for solar energy is whether or not you want to install solar panels on your roof or go with a roofless solar option like Community Solar. Not all solar companies offer a Community Solar option. Vivint Solar, for example, is one of the larger solar companies in the United States. They offer service throughout the Northeast in states such as New York and Massachusetts, through the central U.S in states like Illinois, and also through much of the southwest.

Vivint is a rooftop solar system company. They do not offer a Community Solar option. This means that their solar offerings are only available to homeowners who want to make the investment to install, and ultimately maintain, rooftop solar panels. Renters or individuals who do not want to make a large upfront investment will not be able to take advantage of Vivint’s solar services. Additionally, homeowners with older roofs and lots of shading may not qualify for rooftop panel installations.

For customers that want to go solar, but do not want rooftop panels or do not qualify for rooftop panels, choosing Community Solar programs in your area may be a better option. Companies like Clearway Community Solar have Community Solar projects in many of the same states that Vivint services. You can find Clearway Community Solar in New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois. Community Solar is a solar option that allows individuals to subscribe to a local solar project in their community, without the need for rooftop solar panels, without upfront costs, and without ongoing maintenance. Plus, Clearway’s program now offers a savings guarantee in each of these regions. This means that homeowners and renters all have the opportunity to take advantage of renewable solar energy and save. Community Solar delivers energy to the local power grid, helping replace polluted power with renewable solar power. In turn, municipal energy providers pass along cost savings to those who subscribe to their local Community Solar projects – subscribers receive solar bill credits for the energy generated, and Clearway’s offer guarantees savings on the cost of those solar bill credits.

Do Your Homework When Choosing A Solar Company

Whether you are choosing rooftop solar or Community Solar, it is always important to do your homework before choosing a solar company. For example, if you are considering rooftop solar, you may want to search for company reviews like Sunrun Solar Reviews, Vivint Solar Reviews, or Bluewave Solar Reviews. This will help you find real reviews from customers who have had solar panels installed by Sunrun Solar, Vivint, or Bluewave Solar so that you can get a better view of what your experience working with those solar providers may be.

Doing your research will also help you quickly identify whether or not each company has a Community Solar offering. While Sunrun Solar and Vivint are both rooftop only options, Bluewave Solar offers both Community Solar and rooftop options. There a variety of solar companies in Massachusetts to learn about – make sure you find the one that fits your community solar needs the best.

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Choosing Sustainable Energy

No matter which option you choose, it is clear that sustainable solar energy is a good choice for the future. When you participate in solar power options, you are choosing to do your part for the environment and leaving a longer-lasting future for generations to come. Did you know that in just your first year as a Community Solar customer your impact will have the equivalent of planting 7.9 acres of forest in the U.S.? Sounds like a good reason to explore solar options in your area.

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