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The Top Solar Energy Companies in Massachusetts

Across the country and around the world, solar power is continuing to grow at an unbelievable pace. In 2018, the solar industry grew to 64 GW in the United States and powers 12.3 million households across the country. Just eight years ago, the solar industry only had 2.6 GW of installed capacity. On a global scale, by the year 2023 the total installed capacity of solar power around the world could achieve an impressive one trillion watts.

Solar power is also a major economic player in our national economy. Currently, more than 242,000 Americans workers are employed in jobs that are tied to the solar energy industry. This number is more than double the amount in 2012. Furthermore, there are around 10,000 solar power companies that operate in every U.S. state that accumulate for over $17 billion in investment towards the growing green economy.

With these sort of growth figures, it should not come as a surprise that more and more solar companies are beginning to appear on the scene. Knowing which solar company to choose for manufacturing, installation, maintenance, energy sales, and all other aspects of the solar energy industry is essential to make sure that you get the most of the transition towards a renewable energy future. Below, we offer a complete review of some of the leading solar companies in the state of Massachusetts.

Bullock Solar Farm - MA

Growth of Solar Power in Massachusetts

While many people might associate solar power with sunny and warm states such as California, New Mexico, and Arizona, several northern states are leading the way in the transition towards a renewable energy future. A recent report published by the Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center finds that since 2017, the Bay State has seen an impressive 246-fold increase in solar energy installations across the state. According to the report, Massachusetts ranked 7th for solar and was first in the nation for electricity efficiency savings.

A combination of industry innovation, advantageous  and policies, and increasing consumer awareness of the need to transition towards renewable energies like solar have all been fundamental in helping Massachusetts to expand solar power. This growth has also led to an enormous reduction in prices. The average payback period for household solar installations in Massachusetts is just 4.63 years while the average cost per watt quoted to homeowners is only $3.25. That means the average homeowner would expect to spend between $13,000-$18,000 on rooftop solar installation. Similarly, Community Solar projects across the state have also seen unprecedented growth. Currently, there are almost 400 solar companies that operate in Massachusetts, between manufacturers, installers and developers. Take a look at how community solar programs compare to Vivint Solar, one of the larger solar companies in the United States.

Top 2 Rooftop Solar Companies in Massachusetts

While there are a growing number of companies that specialize in rooftop solar installations in Massachusetts, let’s take a look at Ace Solar and Invaelon Solar.

Ace Solar

This solar company based out of North Andover, Massachusetts is a well-known solar contractor that specializes in rooftop solar panel installation. They also offer financing and general contracting. They have installed over 500 residential photovoltaic (PV) systems and 50 commercial PV systems as well.

Invaelon Solar

This company has been around since 2011 and also operates as a residential and commercial solar developer and installer across the Bay State. Invaelon can accompany homeowners and business owners from the planning stage, in their financing needs, through installation, and also offers maintenance for the residential rooftop solar panels that they offer.

While both Ace Solar and Invaelon Solar offer decent service for homeowners looking to install rooftop solar panels, the U.S. Census Bureau finds that only 62.4 percent of households in Massachusetts were owner occupied. That means that well over a third of people in the state did not own the homes they lived in. Considering that a large number of homeowners in the state are also unable to install solar panels on the roofs due to financial restrictions, excessive shading, improper roof orientation, or other external factors, the total number of households who might be able to take advantage of the services offered by Ace Solar and Invaelon Solar might very well be well under half the population.

Community Solar programs, on the other hand, offer an opportunity for homeowners to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits that come with opting for solar energy even if they do not have a roof of their own that they can use to mount a solar panel system.

Top Community Solar Companies in Massachusetts

Community Solar providers are also growing in Massachusetts as more and more developers are coming to the state to build solar farms. Let’s take a look.

Clearway Community Solar

Clearway Community Solar is the leading Community Solar provider in the state of Massachusetts, and the largest developer and owner of Community Solar projects in the United States. They began in 2015 with a mid-size solar garden in Freetown, MA that provides renewable energy to South Shore residents. During the past four years, Clearway has rapidly grown into one of the largest clean energy companies in the United States that is exclusively focused on promoting and creating a world powered by clean energy. In Massachusetts alone, Clearway has over 12 operating solar farms, including the nation’s largest Community Solar project.

They also operate solar gardens in Minnesota, New York, and Illinois. Besides having a wealth of experience to draw from and excellent customer service, Clearway offers an extremely transparent pricing structure to make sure that their customers get savings assurance. In Massachusetts, there is a savings guarantee, allowing Massachusetts residents to manage energy costs and reduce their overall charges.

Unlike other Community Solar companies that only offer a “one size fits all” subscription policy, Clearway Community Solar makes sure that each and every customer’s subscription is customized to their home. Solar specialists offer their guidance throughout the subscription process to help Massachusetts residents get the best deal available to them, or customers can enroll with ease on their own through the Clearway website. Customers can cancel anytime with the relevant notice periods within the contract terms.

Blue Wave Community Solar

Another company that offers Community Solar access to Massachusetts residents is Blue Wave Solar. This company, like many Community Solar providers, also offers rooftop residential solar panel sales and installation. Part of their business structure is to offer loan products to people interested in obtaining rooftop solar panels.

Other Solar Companies in Massachusetts


Solar Company NameHow they Compare to Clearway Community Solar
Apex Solar PowerThis company mostly focuses on rooftop solar panel installation and also offers roofing and electrical services.
Solar Rising LLCThis company works with rooftop solar installations and tries to push battery technologies and Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations as well.
Bay State and Rhode Island Solar SolutionsThis company designs, engineers, finances, installs and maintains solar systems for homes and businesses. While they also have considered moving into the Community Solar model, their main area of focus is rooftop solar systems.
Second Generation EnergyThis company, created in 2006, is dedicated exclusively to the design, engineering, finances, installation, and maintenance of solar systems for homes and businesses.


While there are hundreds of companies in Massachusetts dedicated to promoting the solar energy industry, Clearway Community Solar is unique in that it is one of the only companies exclusively dedicated to community solar projects which are widely seen to be the most applicable source of solar energy for people in the state of Massachusetts.

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