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Our Massachusetts Community Solar Farms

Clearway Community Solar is proud to have built some of the United State’s largest Community Solar farms in Massachusetts. These renewable energy projects are not only helping the Commonwealth meet its renewable energy goals, but also helping make it more accessible for Massachusetts residents and small businesses to support local, 100% solar power  – no roof required.

The Community Solar Impact

With solar farms across the state, Clearway is creating clean energy and providing affordable solar options for Massachusetts. Residents in the greater Boston area or other municipalities can join Clearway Community Solar farms and still choose their energy provider.

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50+ Active Solar Farms

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8,500+ active customers (and growing!)

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340 million+ net KwH for MA

Community Solar Farm Photo Gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery and explore our commitment to a cleaner Massachusetts.

Community Solar Farms In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is committed to supporting clean energy sources, but, more importantly, local, 100% renewable energy sources that will lower emissions and be a sustainable source of energy for future generations. Through programs like SREC and the newer Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART Program), the Commonwealth has enabled solar development that will help make supporting solar energy more accessible and reduce dependence on polluted power sources like fossil fuels.

Clearway’s Community Solar projects are delivering locally-generated renewable solar energy to municipalities throughout Massachusetts, helping local utilities like National Grid and Eversource offset the grid load. Recently energized Community Solar farms, such as Partridgeville and Wilmarth, have been paired with energy storage solutions. Combined, these Community Solar projects will add 8.6 MWh of energy storage for the Bay State. Our Spencer Road Community Solar Farm spans 200 acres located at historic St. Joseph’s Abbey and currently represents the largest Community Solar farm in the United States. The land lease for this farm helps support the community of Trappist monks who live there, while the 61,596 solar panels located at this farm help offset energy costs for more than 1,369 customers, including some low-income families.

Community Solar projects like those offered by Clearway offer a solar renewable energy alternative to both renters and homeowners who may not want or have the ability to install rooftop solar panels. Massachusetts residents can subscribe to their local Community Solar program and the solar farms deliver energy to the local power grid. In turn, Community Solar subscribers see cost reductions on their utility bill in the form of solar bill credits. If you would like to learn how you can participate in your local Community Solar program, you can request more information here.

Current Community Solar Projects In Massachusetts

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