As we take a moment to glance back at the previous year, it’s evident that the landscape of the energy industry is rapidly transforming. As adaptability and resilience have become central to success, Clearway has consistently demonstrated these traits throughout 2022.

Our diligent efforts towards sustainability and our commitment to progress are encapsulated in our comprehensive annual ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) report. This report aligns with industry benchmarks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

The ESG report provides a comprehensive look into Clearway Energy Group and our public affiliate Clearway Energy, Inc.’s performance and activities for the fiscal year 2022, spanning from January 1st to December 31st. Our performance in 2022 aligns seamlessly with our ambitions, much like our report from the previous year.

Snapshot of Clearway in 2022:

We began 2022 as the fifth-largest owner of renewable energy in the US, boasting over 350 operating assets across 26 states. Our portfolio consisted of a colossal 9.6 GW operating capacity, including around 7 GW from renewable sources and 2.6 GW from conventional sources. Notably, we generated an impressive 15.2 million MWh of carbon-free electricity, reducing CO2 emissions by 9 million metric tons.

Powering Communities with Clearway Community Solar:

Clearway Community Solar has been instrumental in empowering homeowners, renters, and businesses to participate in the green energy revolution. We made significant strides with our community solar portfolio in 2022, adding 15 projects totaling 87 MW in Massachusetts and Illinois. With a total of 457 MW community solar projects, we produce over 480 million kWh of clean power annually, solidifying our position as a leading community solar provider nationwide.

Creating a Positive Societal Impact:

At Clearway, our sustainability vision encompasses creating societal good. We aim to foster a just, equitable, and sustainable society by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion; focusing on long-term economic value creation; ensuring health and wellness; and respecting the human rights of our employees, community, and global society.

The Road Ahead: Regenerative Development:

Looking ahead, our future endeavors are influenced by the concept of regenerative development. This holistic approach promotes a symbiotic relationship between human and natural resources, fostering systems that are resilient, flexible, and adaptive to changing circumstances. This philosophy will guide our future activities and the application of best management practices, including erosion control, preserving topsoil, promoting native vegetation, managing invasive species, and more.

To delve deeper into our performance and the strategic insights guiding our sustainable journey, you can access our full report here.

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