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Solar for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Your business or non-profit can stand for clean power, thanks to a roofless solar solution from Clearway. Join a Community Solar farm in Illinois, Massachusetts, or New York and support renewable power – no roof required.

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Your organization can support renewable power
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No rooftop solar installation on your property and no maintenance
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No sign up costs, deposits, or maintenance fees
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Receive bill solar bill credits that reduce your utility bill

Helping Small Businesses & Non-Profits Reach Sustainability Goals

Small business organizations and non-profits alike can now go solar without rooftop solar panel installations and support locally-generated, 100% renewable energy. In Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York, your organization can join a wider community of solar farm subscribers who are collectively building a clean energy future and helping fight the effects of climate change.

Clearway currently works with small businesses, franchisees, non-profits, and other organizations to help you reach your environmental stewardship goals – all without rooftop panel installation on properties. Instead, these organizations have subscribed to a local Community Solar farm. In addition to helping reduce local dependence on fossil fuels, your business will receive a bill credit applied to your utility bill that helps lower energy costs.

Help your organization build a clean energy future by joining a Clearway Community Solar project today.

The Community Solar Process

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Clearway Community Solar Farms produce renewable solar electricity that goes to your community. Polluted energy sources are replaced with clean ones on the power grid.

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In return, subscribers receive solar bill credits automatically applied to their utility bill, reducing their costs on their electricity bill.

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Subscribers pay Clearway for the solar bill credits, and receive a guaranteed discount every month. That means that for every $1.00 you receive in bill credits, you will pay a reduced amount.

*Savings calculated as a value of the net metering credits generated by the residential solar subscription. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying net metering credits.

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A Closer Look at Solar Farm Subscriptions

  1. Every month, local solar energy is generated by the Clearway solar farm. We have a number of farms in development throughout Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York State in varying construction phases – our teams are building them.
  2. Your organization can subscribe to a Clearway solar farm to support renewable power generation for your state and sustainability for future generations.
  3. In return, your organization will receive solar bill credits applied to your utility bill, reducing your electricity costs.
  4. Your organization will pay Clearway separately for the cost of the solar bill credits, at a monthly discounted rate.
  5. Once the solar farm’s construction is complete, the farm is connected to your utility and then begins production. Customers aren’t billed until production begins, so during this construction phase, your reservation on the solar farm is secured without any charges.

A Closer Look at Energy Savings

  1. Once the farm is live, solar production and billing begins. For the solar energy produced by your organization’s portion of the solar farm, you receive bill credits – we call these “solar bill credits.”
  2. The solar bill credits are applied to your organization’s utility bill, reducing that bill. To recap, you will continue to receive a monthly utility bill. But now, the supply charges on your utility bill will be reduced by credits you receive as a result of being a Clearway customer.
  3. You will receive a separate bill from Clearway. Your Clearway bill is for the cost of the solar bill credits with your at your contracted rate.


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