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New York Community Solar Contract Terms

Learn about Clearway’s latest New York Community Solar offer.

What are Clearway’s Contract Terms in New York?

Clearway Community Solar has installed solar photovoltaic systems throughout New York’s Hudson Valley to help New York achieve its Clean Energy Standard goals. Clearway makes it easy for residents and small businesses to reduce utility costs by supporting local solar energy without rooftop panel installation. Clearway’s latest Hudson Valley Community Solar offer includes a savings guarantee. Clearway customers receive solar bill credits that reduce their utility costs: For every $1.00 that a utility bill is reduced, customers only pay Clearway $0.90. That’s a guaranteed 10% savings every month.

Here are are some key facts to know about Clearway’s latest New York Community Solar contract, or “Customer Agreement”* that is effective as of 2021.

Clearway Community Solar Agreement Quick Facts


Guaranteed Savings

You will receive a 10% discount every month on the cost of the solar bill credits that reduce your utility bill. So for every $1.00 that your utility bill is reduced, you will only pay Clearway $0.90.

  • It’s important to understand that your monthly payments to Clearway will vary due to the variance in monthly solar production, Weather, the time of year, cloud cover, etc. all impact how much solar energy is produced through our local solar farms. However, your monthly payment will always include your 10% discount.
  • After you become a Clearway subscriber, you will continue to receive a utility bill. The solar bill credits from Clearway appear directly on your utility bill, reducing overall the amount you owe to your electric utility. You are still responsible to pay any remaining balance owed to your utility each month.
  • So, you will receive two separate bills each month: one from your utility and one from Clearway Community Solar that reflects the monthly charge for your solar bill credits. The charge from Clearway will be at the rate featured in the Customer Agreement, with any applicable discount applied, including the 20% guaranteed savings discount.
  • The 10% discount rate is locked in for the full 20-year term of your agreement.
    You can cancel anytime during your agreement with us. The 20-year term exists to benefit you — locking in your 10% savings assurance for a full 20 years. See cancellation terms below!
  • If you sign up for AutoPay, your account will be credited $40 credit after three consecutive months of automatic payments have been applied.
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Flexible Cancellation Terms

Once your account is on an active Community Solar farm, you can cancel your agreement anytime by providing at least ninety (90) calendar days’ written notice.


Cancellation Fee

Canceling your Clearway subscription costs $0.

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If you move, you can continue to be a Clearway customer if you are within the same service territory. All you have to do is provide Clearway with your new electric utility account number. Your agreement will remain in effect pending utility approval. If you move outside Clearway’s service territory and you provide us ninety (90) days’ notice and acceptable proof of your move, no cancellation fee will apply.

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How Does a Community Solar System Work?

Community Solar makes solar power accessible to almost anyone. Instead of having to install a set of solar panels on your roof or property, just subscribe to a Clearway Community Solar farm. Renewable, local electricity is generated by the solar farm and sent to the power grid. In return for supporting solar power, you receive solar bill credits that are applied to your monthly utility bill, offsetting the cost of electricity you use and reducing your carbon footprint.

More About New York’s Clean Energy Standard

Known also as the state’s “70 by ‘30” goal, New York’s Clean Energy Standard (CES) dictates that, by 2030, 70 percent of all electricity used throughout the state of New York must come from renewable energy sources. Reaching this goal will assist in combating climate change and will reduce pollution and its harmful effects on New Yorkers’ health. Reaching the “70 by ‘30” goal will also ensure the state has a diverse, plentiful, and reliable low carbon energy supply for the future.

To learn more about a Clearway Community Solar Farm near you or to read our full contract terms, we encourage you to reach out to one of our Solar Consultants now. Participating in Community Solar is a great way to reduce your utility costs and support a renewable future for generations to come. Contact us today.

*Disclaimer: This contract offer is effective as of March, 2021. Previous contract offers in the state of New York may vary by region or date executed.

Savings based on a guaranteed 10% discount on the solar bill credits generated by your allocation from the Community Solar system. The impact of the solar bill credits on the utility charges can vary month to month due to seasonal variances affecting solar energy production. Actual savings may vary in the event the customer (i) cancels early, (ii) does not receive credits, or (iii) receives a reduced credit amount due to utility errors or delays. Clearway is not responsible for utility delays in applying solar bill credits. Refer to the community solar contract for agreement terms.

Customers may cancel their Clearway Community Solar subscription with a minimum of 90 days’ notice. Customers on active farms who receive invoices from Clearway Community Solar will be required to pay their invoices for the billing periods through the 90-day notice period. Subject to the terms of the Community Solar Agreement. Subject to credit approval and a 20-year agreement.

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