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What is Community Solar?

Clearway Community Solar builds and operates solar farms in your local community. Our dedicated, professional teams maintain them year round, so that your roof, and your time and effort, are removed from the equation.

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Clearway Community Solar Farm produces clean, renewable electricity

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The Solar power generated is delivered directly to your local power grid

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You receive solar credits on your utility bill.

The solar farms are supported by subscription plans from eligible community members. You are the foundation that makes the Community Solar farms possible.

Solar Price Stability

Grey graph showing utility fluctuations inside a circleUtility Fluctuations

Due to market fluctuations, you are likely faced with unpredictable utility rates that could rise over time.

Grey graph showing stability with a community solar rate inside a circleStability with Solar

Your Clearway Community Solar rate is consistent and predictable. You will receive one price that could increase at the same rate every year, based on region.

Grey dollar sign inside a circleSavings Potential

Our pricing structure and your subscription is designed to help you offset annual utility costs over time.

Understanding Your Credits

Every month, you will receive solar credits for the energy generated from your subscription. These credits could help you reduce your utility bill, dependent upon the solar farm’s production and the amount of energy you use at home.

1 Savings based on 12 months average Orange and Rockland utility pricing at 700 kWh/month usage with a 3% annual increase in utility pricing and a fixed annual Community Solar monthly payment with a 1.75% annual escalator. Actual savings may vary based on changes to utility pricing, system performance and electricity usage, and are not guaranteed. Credits from community solar facility may not be immediately available, and savings are not guaranteed. Pricing as of August, 2017.

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