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New York Renewable Power

Setting a New Standard for Clean Energy

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Going Solar, Doing Your Part

New York is always moving forward when it comes to supporting its local communities for a better tomorrow. Choosing Clearway Community Solar New York means more clean energy generation for your local community, the Hudson Valley, and the state of New York. When you share solar, you are part of the collective difference, and together we can make an impact.

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New York’s Clean Energy Standard requires that 70% of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources like solar by 2030. Now more than ever, solar matters and Hudson Valley residents are coming together to reach the goal.

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Throughout the state, New York residents are exploring renewable energy options. Solar energy support has grown, and with Community Solar NY, there is now an accessible option for a resident that doesn’t involve their roof.

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One of the greatest benefits of Community Solar is its accessibility to everyone. Community Solar farms are convenient for Hudson Valley residents and they make an impact in New York’s Clean Energy Standard goal.

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