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Renting Long-Term? Go Solar.

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Community Solar Brings Benefits to Many, Even if You Rent

New York has a population of nearly 20 million people, and nearly a quarter of them live in apartments. Finding a way to deliver solar power to residents who do not own property, or do not want to undergo the expense of rooftop panel installation, is an important consideration of solar adoption in New York state. Community solar may be the solution for residents of multi-tenant buildings and apartment complexes where rooftop panels are not allowed and/or are not practical.

As outlined by the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, there are four primary options for shared solar: community group purchasing, off-site shared solar, on-site shared solar, and community-driven financial models. These different solar options can make solar a viable option for apartment dwellers, condo owners, and other multi-household building tenants.

A program such as Clearway Community Solar, an off-site shared solar model, allows homeowners or renters to support renewable energy production without the requirement of solar panel installation or maintenance.  An off-site solar farm nearby connects the clean energy directly into the existing power grid, and Community Solar New York customers receive solar credits.

Making Solar Energy Accessible to All New York Residents

Many New York utility companies are making headway by bringing community solar installations across the state, making solar an option for nearly everyone in New York.  Clearway Community Solar is currently in Orange & Rockland and Central Hudson Gas & Electric utility territories. Learn more about New York Community Solar.

For residents who know they want to begin using solar power, talking to a solar power representative and reviewing the enrollment process is one way to ensure they will be ready when a Community Solar farm is available.

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