Science Center: Home Experiments For Kids

Build an Aquatic Ecosystem in a Bottle!

Parental Note: This experiment is geared toward ages 11 and up, to be completed independently. The project will require some adult support when cutting materials. Our planet is full of many different living environments. Some places on Earth are warm…

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Solar Heating & Retention Science Experiment

Parental Note: This experiment is geared towards ages 10 and up to be completed independently. The project may require some support to gather materials and complete the data chart needed for both outside temperature and the internal temperature of materials….

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Make Your Own Wind Powered Sailboat

Have you ever enjoyed a lake or the ocean on a sailboat? If you have, you know that the wind is the driving force that helps the boat pick up speed and make its way along the water. Two major…

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Sundial Experiment

Have you ever played outside on a clear summer day and watched the sun’s position change as time progressed? For example, when playing outside at 10 in the morning, the sun was at one position and when you looked again…

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Make Your Own Water Wheel

Thanks to the water cycle, water is considered one of our planet’s renewable resources, similarly to the sun. And like the sun, water can be utilized to generate power. In fact, hydropower was one of the first sources of energy…

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Understanding Thermal Power with a Pop Can

Thanks to solar panels, the sun’s power is harnessed for clean energy production through photovoltaic technology. The sun also has incredible thermal power. Solar heat, or solar thermal energy, is a form of energy that uses the sun’s power to…

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Solar Powered Toy Car Experiment for Students

Building a Solar Powered Toy Car Solar energy, created by the sun, is an important source of renewable energy. In fact, most renewable energy comes from the sun either directly or indirectly. Indirectly, the sun’s heat drives the wind which…

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