Learning about photosynthesis is a great way to get kids thinking about clean energy and help them understand the important role that the sun plays in sustaining life on Earth. With this simple photosynthesis lesson and scavenger hunt, your kids will have fun while learning about the world around them.


Explain The Basics Of Photosynthesis

The basics of photosynthesis are pretty easy to understand, even for young children. When plants use sunlight to make their own food, this process is called photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, green plants that contain a substance called chlorophyll use the sunlight that they absorb to change water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and nutrients called sugars. These sugars are used or stored by the plant, and the oxygen is released into the air. Humans and other animals need the oxygen that plants release during photosynthesis in order to survive. 

It is important to understand that without the energy from the sun, plants could not make the food that they need to live. Humans and animals, in turn, depend on plants for both food and oxygen. So the energy from the sun is essential to every living thing!


Photosynthesis Scavenger Hunt

Now that your kids understand the basic concept of photosynthesis, let’s get outside and find some real-life examples!


Step 1

kid looking at tree

Head outdoors to the backyard or local park to look for things that use photosynthesis to make food. Remind your kids that green plants make their own food through photosynthesis. Have each child bring back 5 examples.


Step 2

kid with leaf

If you want to, time the scavenger hunt. 10-15 minutes should be plenty. It’s ok to leave it open-ended as well, and let your kids take their time enjoying the outdoors.


Step 3


Time to share what everyone has found and discuss the findings. Can your kids remember the name of the substance that gives plants their green color? Talk about how amazing photosynthesis is – imagine if our bodies could make their own food from sunlight? See if you can help your kids identify each of the plants they have found.


Now that your children understand how important the sun is to plants and animals, talk to them about the many actions we can take to protect our amazing planet, including using clean, renewable energy sources such as Community Solar


Want More Fun And Engaging Science Activities for Kids? 

These fun projects help kids learn about everything from recycling to the water cycle, to air pollution. For older kids who want a more in-depth look at photosynthesis, check out this fun experiment to teach them how photosynthesis creates a natural chemical reaction.


When we get our kids interested in the science behind sustainable energy through fun activities and experiments, we can teach them a lot about the planet that we live on and the things we can do to keep it healthy. Clearway Community Solar’s roofless solar programs are an affordable way to invest in a more sustainable future for our planet and our children. 

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