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A house with snow, winterized for the winter season.


Friendly Winterizing Tips for Home and Office

Eco-Friendly Winterizing Tips for Home and Office   Don’t let the cold weather catch you off guard this year. According to the Energy Information Administration, U.S. consumers will face above average heating costs this year due to increased energy costs…

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Trees in the circle, representing a green future

Benefits of Renewable Energy

The support and momentum for renewable energy is stronger than ever before. A study by the Pew Research Center found that the majority of Americans would like to see the United States prioritize the development of clean energy and renewable…

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Clearway Community Solar Zero Emissions Day 2022

Zero Emissions Day

September 21, 2022! In an effort to raise awareness of our daily emission use and stop the use of fossil fuels for 24 hours, Zero Emissions Day was established on September 21, 2008. It is a day of action celebrated…

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Smart thermostat sitting on a wall at 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Attribution: Dan LeFebvre

6 Ways To Keep Your Cooling Bills Low

6 Ways to Keep Your Cooling Bills Lower This Summer Than Last It’s no secret that energy bills go up in the summer. The combination of higher temperatures and more time spent at home can result in cranking the air…

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Photo of a Christmas gifts beautifully wrapped with only ecology friendly biodegradable decorations and materials

Sustainable Holidays

How to Make Your Holidays Green

Choosing to have a sustainable holiday can add an extra element of joy to your holiday season, as you’ll feel good knowing you made meaningful memories without harming the environment or adding more trash to landfills. According to Stanford University,…

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A grandma taking a picture of her smiling family eating dinner

Saving Energy At Home

With work-from-home and remote learning becoming the new norm for many families, expenditures on commuting and dining out for lunch have virtually disappeared. At the same time, other expenses such as utility bills are increasing. Between zoom calls, streaming movies,…

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harvesting carrots

Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

There is something extremely satisfying about growing your own food. Knowing that you planted a tiny seed and with the help of the sun’s energy, you nurtured it into something that can feed your family, can be very rewarding. Consuming…

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Photosynthesis Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Learning about photosynthesis is a great way to get kids thinking about clean energy and help them understand the important role that the sun plays in sustaining life on Earth. With this simple photosynthesis lesson and scavenger hunt, your kids…

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