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Sustainable Living

Carpenter drawing line on piece of wood

Energy Efficient Home Remodel

Most remodeling projects start with a basic goal, like redesigning a kitchen for increased functionality or adding a new bedroom for an expanding family. Making changes that are designed to increase energy efficiency are often a secondary goal, but whether…

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close up of electric stove controls

Gas or Electric?

How to Choose Appliances

If you are building a new home or making renovation plans for an existing space, you may be wondering what type of appliances are the most energy-efficient – that means healthy for the environment and your wallet. When it comes…

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Make Your Own Sun Tea This Summer

Who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of iced tea as the summer months heat up? If you’re making a batch of tea, harness the power of the sun to make sun tea! It’s simple and eco-friendly: rather than boiling water…

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How to Dry Fruits & Veggies with the Sun

Wondering how you can extend the shelf life of your local fruits and vegetables? Look no further than the sun. Certain foods can be dehydrated by the sun, helping them last longer or even changing flavor profiles for use in…

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Sunshine Gourmet

Try Out a Solar Cooker

The sun provides so many things for us, from light to heat, and solar electricity. But did you know that the sun can also help cook your dinner? If you’re planning a camping trip this summer, or simply want to…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

What do you do with banana peels, egg shells, vegetable trimmings, and other food scraps? How about yard waste? When we think about greenhouse gases, we typically think of carbon dioxide emissions. But when food and other organic materials break…

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Greenery for a Greener Home

Sustainable Landscaping

As summer approaches, are you planning any yard work? Landscaping does more than help your home’s curb appeal. It can also impact your home’s carbon footprint. When we think about home energy-efficiency upgrades, it might be easy to forget what…

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