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Sustainable Living

A grandma taking a picture of her smiling family eating dinner

Saving Energy At Home

With work-from-home and remote learning becoming the new norm for many families, expenditures on commuting and dining out for lunch have virtually disappeared. At the same time, other expenses such as utility bills are increasing. Between zoom calls, streaming movies,…

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harvesting carrots

Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

There is something extremely satisfying about growing your own food. Knowing that you planted a tiny seed and with the help of the sun’s energy, you nurtured it into something that can feed your family, can be very rewarding. Consuming…

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Photosynthesis Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Learning about photosynthesis is a great way to get kids thinking about clean energy and help them understand the important role that the sun plays in sustaining life on Earth. With this simple photosynthesis lesson and scavenger hunt, your kids…

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woman working in her home office

Keep Your Home Office Energy Efficient

Working from home comes with a lot of perks – no commute, freedom to wear what you want, and more time with your family and pets – but, it could result in higher utility bills. When you head into your…

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stacks of coins with plants growing on top

Make Your Basement Energy Efficient

Finished basements can add extra living space to your home. Ensuring it gets plenty of use, though, can be challenging. Basements are notorious for being damp, dark and musty, so it is important you take appropriate steps to make the…

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Carpenter drawing line on piece of wood

Energy Efficient Home Remodel

Most remodeling projects start with a basic goal, like redesigning a kitchen for increased functionality or adding a new bedroom for an expanding family. Making changes that are designed to increase energy efficiency are often a secondary goal, but whether…

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green ficus leaves in front of HVAC vent

Time to Clean Your Air Ducts

You try hard to keep your house clean. You regularly dust, vacuum, clean the floors and take the trash out, but still you feel like you are never rid of the dust and stale air in your home. Did you…

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close up of electric stove controls

Gas or Electric?

How to Choose Appliances

If you are building a new home or making renovation plans for an existing space, you may be wondering what type of appliances are the most energy-efficient – that means healthy for the environment and your wallet. When it comes…

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A woman in her kitchen looking at her utility bill on her tablet

Maintain Humidity in Your Home

When the hot or cold temperatures outside are unbearable, escaping to the comfort of your home should bring you relief. Even on mild days, your home should be a comfortable and temperate environment. However, if your thermostat is set to…

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