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Understanding Community Solar

Bird's eye view of someone using community solar panels on their home.

The Pros and Cons of Community Solar

Maybe you’ve thought about going solar for a while to save on your electricity bill, but don’t want to deal with installing solar panels if you opt for rooftop solar. Or perhaps you are a big solar advocate looking to…

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Solar panels in an open field

ESG Sustainability

ESG Sustainability Clearway is leading the way toward a world powered by ESG sustainability by providing customers and communities around the country with affordable, reliable, and renewable energy. We participate in every stage of ESG reporting, from sustainable development through…

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Child touching a solar panel

Is Community Solar a Good Deal?

Does supporting renewable power sounds like something important for your home? What about decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels? With 63% of U.S. electricity generation coming from fossil fuels, more and more residents and businesses are asking how they can…

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bird's eye view of Poughkeepsie solar farm in New York

Does Community Solar Save Money?

If you choose to support renewable power, you might be wondering, will being a clean energy advocate cost you more money or will it help you save money? When residents or businesses decide to go solar, they have a number…

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Someone looking at their electric bill

How Does Community Solar Billing Work?

As a subscriber to a Clearway Community Solar farm, once the solar farm is active, customers continue to receive a utility bill but now have an additional, separate bill from Clearway for their solar farm subscription. Wait – why are…

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Aerial view of rows of solar panels in a solar farm field

How Are Community Solar Farms Built?

A Guide to the Construction of Clearway Community Solar Farms Against the familiar landscapes of skylines, neighborhoods, townships, and even local vegetation, a community solar farm quickly catches the eye of those driving by—their rows-upon-rows of aligned solar arrays with…

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A man with a hard hat working on a solar panel

Community Solar

Where 2018 Will Take Us

Like the sun starting off as a mere cloud of gas and dust, the solar industry has evolved from an infant industry into a major source of new energy investment and job creation in the U.S. GTM Research and the…

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