Thousands of Hudson Valley residents have signed up for Community Solar. Perhaps you have seen a Clearway Solar farm in the region or maybe you have heard about the program from your neighbors. If you are you thinking about joining a Clearway Community Solar farm but have concerns about the long-term commitment, there is some exciting news for Hudson Valley solar shoppers:  Clearway, one of the nation’s top Community Solar providers is happy to announce a new option for Hudson Valley residents: a cancel anytime, roofless solar program.

Community Solar is a great deal for you and the environment — you can reduce your electric utility bill and in just a single year you’ll offset greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving a car over 16,000 miles. Savings and the environmental support compound over time. See Clearway’s handy savings calculator to see how the program could impact your Hudson Valley utility bill.

Nevertheless, should you still wish to opt out of your contract with Clearway, with Cancel Anytime options the program is made even more convenient for New York customers.

“Cancel Anytime helps give our customers more peace-of-mind should they, for whatever reason, decide to step away from community solar,” said Sahaj Patel of Clearway Community Solar Sales. “We hate to see people go, but we want to make it easier for them to do so without impacting other community solar subscribers.”

So how does the program work? When Hudson Valley residents enroll with one of Clearway’s Community Solar farms, a 20-year contract is executed. Why is the contract so long? It is designed to help you save more and more over time. For some, because this commitment is no different than a rooftop solar commitment (but perhaps less of a hassle), and 20 years is no issue. For others, 20 years might sound like a long time. Now, should you decide to exit, Clearway simply requires 90 days’ notice and a cancellation fee that can range from $0 – $200. * A fee remains necessary, however, to help ensure the economic viability of the subscriber’s assigned solar farm, where clean energy is generated on behalf of all the community.

“We’ve now giving a defined timeline in which the customer will still be responsible to pay for their subscription that gives them solar credits on their utility bill,” said Patel. “After that defined timeline, the customer pays the reduced cancellation fee and then they’re out of their agreement, that’s it. With Cancel Anytime, we’ve made things simpler and easier for the customer.”

The Pros of Community Solar

There are many good reasons to sign up for and stay with a community solar program. In New York and elsewhere, Clearway subscribers see a reduction in the energy costs over time. Not only are the savings a benefit, but all the while it’s through a program that reduces energy dependency on fossil fuels.  Signing on to a community solar plan for a year is the environmental equivalent of planting 7.9 acres of forest, or switching 225 traditional, incandescent light bulbs over to LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Reducing energy usage overall is, of course, laudable and achievable goal in any household. For most people, though, the extra savings on top of any energy use reductions, made possible through community solar, is an enticing concept.

“Community solar helps residents with energy savings, and those economic benefits are intertwined with environmental benefits,” said Patel. “In this way, community solar is a movement we at Clearway are really proud to be a part of. We’re proud to be able to offer it as a product to New Yorkers and people increasingly across the country.”

*Customers may cancel their Clearway Community Solar subscription with a minimum of 90 days’ notice. Customers on active farms who receive invoices from Clearway Community Solar will be required to pay their invoices through the 90-day notice period. Subject to the terms of the Community Solar Agreement, the cancellation fee ranges from $0-$200.

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