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choppy ocean water

Why Are Our Oceans Getting Warmer?

Last year, our oceans set a record. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t a good one. In 2018, a heat record was set that indicates oceans are warming faster than expected. On January 10, 2019, a team of scientists from the U.S….

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Solar Parker Probe

What Do We Know (and not know) About the Sun?

What the Solar Parker Probe Can Tell Us About the Sun and Space Weather Fresh off its launch in August 2018, the Solar Parker Probe—a bold NASA initiative to touch the sun—is plunging toward the inner solar system on its…

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Super close view of a solar panel

The Evolution of Solar Panels

A Brief History of How We Harness the Sun Every day, our sun provides a significant amount of energy.In fact, enough energy from the sun hits the Earth every hour to power our planet for an entire year! Since the…

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