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All About Renewable Power

Trees in the circle, representing a green future

Benefits of Renewable Energy

The support and momentum for renewable energy is stronger than ever before. A study by the Pew Research Center found that the majority of Americans would like to see the United States prioritize the development of clean energy and renewable…

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Fossil fuels being released through cars in big city traffic.

Fossil Fuel Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

What Are Fossil Fuels? When someone says the word “fossil fuel,” most of us think of the classic fossil fuels that are used to power 60% of our energy mix—oil, natural gas, and coal. But many people do not know…

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Rows of solar panels in a field under a sunset sky.

The Latest Advancements in Solar Technology

With continuous and growing interest in the applications and benefits of solar technology, the industry has been in a constant state of innovation over the past several years. This innovation has led to advancements in solar efficiency, solar energy storage,…

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Solar panels from a solar farm sitting in a field on a sunny day. Photo by Mrganso, Pixabay

What is Grid Modernization?

What is Grid Modernization and Why Does it Matter? Grid modernization is the process of upgrading the electricity grid to make it more efficient and resilient. It includes a variety of changes, such as accommodating new technology, new forms of…

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Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022 Clearway Community Solar is celebrating Earth Day 2022 with a passion for clean energy! On April 22, we’ll be honoring our planet by working together to move towards a more sustainable future. History of Earth Day The…

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Federal Solar Tax Credit Drops In 2020

Did you know? The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) dropped in 2020. This is part of a “step down” process in which the tax credit will eventually be eliminated entirely unless it is renewed by Congress. As of January 1,…

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