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All About Renewable Power

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Federal Solar Tax Credit Drops In 2020

Did you know? The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) dropped in 2020. This is part of a “step down” process in which the tax credit will eventually be eliminated entirely unless it is renewed by Congress. As of January 1,…

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What Are Renewable Energy Standards?

Which States Have Adopted Renewable Energy Standards, and Why They Matter Renewable Energy Standards (RES), sometimes called Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), are requirements set by state governments for utilities to source a designated portion of the energy they generate or…

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All In 100% Renewable Energy Goals Sweep U.S. Cities and States

States are the “laboratories of democracy,” United States Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said, where citizens can “try novel social and economic experiments.” True to form, American states — and especially cities — are trailblazing new policies that jettison climate-altering…

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City reflected in solar panels

How Solar Panels Could Become the New Norm

Have you ever actually touched a solar panel? Although we’ve all seen them on roofs or roadsides, for many of us solar panels still give off a future-tech aura, unlike the more common place technologies like outdoor air conditioning compressor…

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choppy ocean water

Why Are Our Oceans Getting Warmer?

Last year, our oceans set a record. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t a good one. In 2018, a heat record was set that indicates oceans are warming faster than expected. On January 10, 2019, a team of scientists from the U.S….

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Solar Parker Probe

What Do We Know (and not know) About the Sun?

What the Solar Parker Probe Can Tell Us About the Sun and Space Weather Fresh off its launch in August 2018, the Solar Parker Probe—a bold NASA initiative to touch the sun—is plunging toward the inner solar system on its…

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