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A New Illinois Clean Energy Program

Ready to go solar and save? Clearway Community Solar is coming to Illinois! Join the waiting list for your local Community Solar farm today and you’ll be the first contacted to secure a space. LIMITED AVAILABILITY.


  • No Rooftop Required
  • $0 Down
  • Support Clean, Renewable Energy in Illinois
  • Join Thousands of Clearway Community Solar Customers Active on Over 30 of Our Solar Farms

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Benefits of Illinois Community Solar

Clean Energy for Illinois

No Roof Required

No Rooftop Installation

$0 Down, No Upfront Costs

Easy sign up

Guaranteed Savings

How Does Community Solar Work

Rather than solar energy being generated by and for one home with rooftop solar panels, Community Solar creates power in numbers and a collective difference through community support of a local solar farm that generates clean energy for Illinois.

Clearway Community Solar Farm produces clean, renewable electricity.

The solar power generated is delivered directly to your local power grid.

You receive solar credits to help with your energy costs.

5 Reason to Choose Community Solar

  1. Convenience: With Community Solar, you can go solar with no rooftop qualifications, installations, inspections, or maintenance. We own and operate local solar farms, so that your roof, and your time and effort are taken out of the equation.
  2. Community: Locally-produced energy, locally supported by Illinois residents.
  3. Transparent Pricing: $0 down at sign up, no maintenance fees, and no hidden charges.
  4. Energy Cost Management: Utility rates fluctuate and are unpredictable. With our program, you’ll benefit from guaranteed savings. No surprises.
  5. Environmental Impact: Renewable energy currently makes up 17% of energy generation in the United States. Meanwhile, nearly 63% of energy comes from fossil fuels. With Community Solar, you can help be part of a shift to increase the use of renewable energy sources. (Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)

Shaping a Sustainable Energy Future Together

In just your first year as a Community Solar customer, your support will have the environmental impact of:

Planting 7.9 acres of forest in the U.S.

Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving a car over 16,000 miles.

Switching 225 light bulbs to LEDs.

Calculations based on estimated 9030 kWh of solar production in Year One. For more information about this calculation visit the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Helping Control Energy Costs

While you’ve committed to do something good for the planet, why not see how our guaranteed savings offer can help you manage your energy costs along the way?

With our new Illinois solar program, Clearway Community Solar customers will receive solar credits for the solar energy generated from your subscription. These solar credits are guaranteed to reduce your utility bill. While the amount of savings may vary each month based on the solar farm production and the amount of energy you use in your home at a given time, Illinois now has a way to save on electricity costs.

To understand how pricing works and receive a customized quote, contact a solar specialist today.

Community Solar or Rooftop Solar? What are the differences?

Clearway Community Solar

No rooftop panel installation or maintenance required by homeowner.

No upfront costs or hidden fees.

Long-Term price security.

Conventional Rooftop Solar

Maintenance expense may be required.

Large installation costs may apply.

Long-Term price security.

Wind or Solar Powered Electricity Plans

No rooftop panel installation or maintenance required by homeowner.

No upfront costs.

Price fixed for short term (usually 12 months or less)

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