Part of building a clean energy future is educating children about the environment and sustainable living, or how we can change our actions to ensure that our Earth is a healthy place to live for generations to come. With a heightened focus on healthy living and no shortage of quality time at home with the family these days, now is a great time to start. Here are some creative ways to teach your kids about sustainable living and get them excited about making a difference.


Teach Sustainability With Fun, at Home DIY Experiments 

A simple science experiment is always a fun and educational way to spend an afternoon at home with kids. Science experiments are a great tool to teach children about sustainable energy sources, air and water pollution, recycling, and more. Try some of these fun at-home projects for a deeper look at sustainability through hands-on experimentation:


Plant A Garden With Your Kids

Planting a garden is one of the best ways to get your kids thinking about where their food comes from and the impact that the food supply chain has on the environment. It is also a great opportunity to get kids thinking about solar energy’s important role in the photosynthesis process. If you don’t have room for a garden, you can take your kids to a farmer’s market or local farm. As a bonus, your kids will be encouraged to eat healthy fruits and vegetables and maybe even try some new ones!


Start A Compost

A compost teaches kids about food waste and gives them an opportunity to help your household use that waste for good. Kids will enjoy learning about how the process works and feel empowered to help your family take a step in the right direction toward sustainability. Check out this Beginners Guide to Composting for tips to get you started.


Teach Your Kids About Our Impact On Wildlife

Kids love animals and are usually pretty motivated to help them if they can. With animal habitats all over the world being destroyed by global warming, deforestation, and pollution, there are many ways we can help wildlife by taking small actions. For example, when the heartbreaking video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose went viral, many of us were moved to stop using plastic straws, and some plastic straw bans even followed. Research what you can do as a family to help save the many species on our planet that are struggling. Whether it is using less single-use plastic in your home, or participating in a beach cleanup, your kids will feel good about doing their part.


Make Conserving Energy at Home Fun

Many young children probably don’t even realize how the electricity, water and gas we use in our homes impacts the environment. Start by teaching your kids about different types of energy with a few fun experiments, then, try turning energy conservation into a game. For example, have kids compete to see who can take the fastest shower or always remember to turn out the lights. You can also get your kids involved in exploring how clean, renewable energy sources like solar can have a positive environmental impact.


Parents who model sustainable behaviors and get their kids involved at an early age are doing a great service to both their children and the planet. At Clearway’s Community Solar, we are dedicated to making the future brighter for all living things.

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