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Community Solar vs. Rooftop Solar

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Community Solar vs. Rooftop Solar

Whether you are interested in supporting clean energy, lowering your carbon footprint, or simply living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, you might consider solar as an option for your home. From installation and costs to the qualification and enrollment process, see how rooftop solar systems differ from Community Solar.

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Community Solar Farms
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Rooftop Solar Systems

Community Solar farms are offsite solar arrays that provide solar energy directly to a local power grid and a wider community, rather than one individual home. Farms are built and operated by dedicated professional teams.

Rooftop solar panels are installed on the roof of a home or business, and generate power for that location only. Panels are purchased or leased and may require inspections, upfront costs, and maintenance by the owner.

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Benefits of Community Solar vs Rooftop Solar

What makes Community Solar a good option for your home? Whether you own or rent your property, Community Solar is an accessible solar option if your roof does not meet qualifications due to your home's age or access to sunlight. Even if your roof does qualify, you may not want to be responsible for the maintenance of solar panels or manage the upfront costs. Or plain and simply, you might just not like the way rooftop panels look on your property.
Clearway Community Solar

No rooftop panel installation or maintenance required by homeowner.

No upfront costs or hidden fees.

Long-Term price security.

Conventional Rooftop Solar

Maintenance expense may be required.

Large installation costs may apply.

Long-Term price security.

The Solar Power Authority, an online marketplace, shares, "If you prefer lower costs, less maintenance, and cleaner home aesthetics, investing in a remote solar farm is probably the better choice."

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